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Author Topic: Honey- Poni Thai Nottingham  (Read 1247 times)

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Offline X3 Guy

Well gents no where near the service I have had before!!

Booked for 25 mins £50 as I am a busy guy and cannot get much more time, in any case I never pay for an hour.

Anyway, pretty enough girl, small, slim, small tits but decent arse and shaved vag.

Seemed a bit reluctant to kiss at the start but got into some decent snogging.
Tried to ask her for other services but spent a lot of the time giggling and not engaging in conversation.
Eventually got about a minute of oral but wasn't good-asked for HJ to finish,and left before time disappointed!

Shoved my fingers in her pussy but got a shock when she didn't smell clean!
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Offline Iloveoral

Sounds disappointing to hear matey I was hoping for good things, I might give her a try next week as I'm snowed under with work too, maybe she was on a bad day? Maybe because it was £50? I've got a thing for Asians so Its hard for me not to have a look :D

I didn't know there was a £50 option I pay £60 / 30 mins but if it saves a tenner I'll pedal faster hehe

Usually the service on the two occassions I've had there has been mind blowing, literally!!!

Offline X3 Guy

Think they do a £40 for 15 mins quickie option too- if you want a guaranteed good shag I'd book Em again if I were you! Or better still bring back Wanifer.

Started with a oil massage with a nice crack tickling never had the balls  to go for a prostate mass not that it was on offer but one for the bucket list. Had to be goaded into quick kissing but for the price I can't complain oral skills on my little man were short and ok finished with hand job.

A nice punt for the price and the road I guess.

Offline Iloveoral

Out of interest B W how would you rate the girls body/ face etc. I've not seen this one as yet?

Offline X3 Guy

Looks like they have a new girl here, nice little pocket rocket judging by the pics.Might get there on Friday, if anyone has a go first let us all Know!

Offline Iloveoral

Where's the pics matey? Aw?

After sampling Lilly's I forgot about Poni 's lol

Update:  yeah I see the new aw profile, very nice :)
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Offline Steptoe

She (Lisa) is indeed a lovely little pocket rocket. Well under 5ft but very vigorous

Link for those who do not know the place

My understanding is that this place now intends to have just 1 working girl and that girl will change every week/ maybe couple of weeks.  Em and Wanifer may return in future as part of this plan


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Offline Turtle Z

I have avoided this place because they can never seem to clear up confusion over which girl is actually working. Again, the girl in the main profile pics is not the girl in the gallery. The girl with the fake tits in the red lace outfit does not appeal to me at all and I ain't driving to Nottingham to find out she's the girl I'd be getting.

Offline Iloveoral

On the two occasions I was there, I phoned to specifically ask for a certain girl, first time was Em, luckily on my way out I was introduced to Wanifer, so I knew what she looked like for the next time, Lisa? looks nice from the pics, certainly work a revisit :)

Offline X3 Guy

Let me tell you the girl in the red lace outfit is well worth seeing-Em.

Wanifer is even better and I really hope she returns very soon, can you persuade the owner please Steptoe!!

Offline Iloveoral

There's a face pic in viva street of Lisa....

I might skip this one lol

Offline X3 Guy

Just been and it was a decent punt.

Pretty petite girl, nice falsies, slim and a shaven tight pussy.

Doesn't DFK, in fact not much kissing but other than that it was great.

I got oral(covered) plenty of tit sucking, lots of RO and she made some nice noises.

I then went for a 69 after which she rubbed my cock with her nice bum then slid my cock in for some reverse cowgirl which made me shoot about a months worth of jizz.

Finished with a nice massage.
Cost £60 for half hour.

Offline wazza

Thanks for the review.  Might be b :timeout:est if you create a new post and say if it was positive, neutral or negative.
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Offline Steptoe

Let me tell you the girl in the red lace outfit is well worth seeing-Em.

Wanifer is even better and I really hope she returns very soon, can you persuade the owner please Steptoe!!

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