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Author Topic: Miss Milan Monroe  (Read 925 times)


Has anybody seen this lady?? www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2347706

I have searched using the user id, however there does not seem to be much info. Any help would be much appreciated.


Offline CarbonCopy

Saw her today in Dudley, booked 1 hour and was out the door after 30mins. Very friendly but the service was extremely poor with her answering her phone 3 times in the first 10 mins, fortunately she ignored it vibrating after that. She started with a massage which amounted to her stroking my bum only, new one on me. Then onto oral which was covered and very poor, more vigourous hand action than mouth and only then she sucked the end if at all ... I did have a shower before visiting her so no excuse really. The only positive was the reverse oral, sex was okay in Mish but I could have done without the constant porn talk. It was my choice to leave after 30mins instead of the one hour, but she did say to someone on the phone that she would be free in 20-30mins with 50mins of my punt still to go. Eh??
She tried to charge me £140 but told she accepted £130 as per adult work site. If you like the porn talk you might get off on it. The only porn thing about the punt was the constant porn talk.
Still numb from spending £130 on a very poor punt and I did consider timing it it out for the full hour but decided to visit someone else afterwards as it was so poor.
Banning reason: Previously banned

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