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Author Topic: Jenna of PassionVIP Birmingham  (Read 1925 times)

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Offline Topgun


Comms with the agency were spot on, all done through less than a few texts. Booked her for 1 hour.

I asked if she could turn up wearing high heels, tight mini dress with holdup stockings just about hidden under her dress. I got a response from the agency saying she is already in the car dressed like that as standard in suspenders and stockings - so I was like fair enough. She turned up wearing high heels and a tight mini dress only. So this is my only negative about the meeting as she wasn't wearing stockings, but not a deal breaker.

Very sweet, friendly, innocent, lovely personality! One of the nicest girls I've ever met in my life (I'm 34). She can hold a conversation really well despite she seems a little bit on the quiet side.
Looks wise; I'm not sure if the pictures on her profile are her - after all they are 3 years old I think. But they do not do her any justice, she looks fitter than her photos. She has a fair few moles though, one on her back its fairly big I'm surprised she hasn't had it and the others removed, unusual for someone her age to be like that. Small tits I'd say barely a B cup.
VERY beautiful face!! seriously she could be a playboy model. Long straight blonde hair (dyed, think she's naturally a dark brunette).
Her body is slim-fit, perfect without being toned about it, and deffo not undernourished by a long shot, she is just right.
Freshly clean, not much perfume if any. Long French manicured fingernails - my favourite on a girl.
She's 23 this year, I'd say she looks about 20.

DFK - one of the best kissers I've known, I'd rank her easily within my top 10 out of maybe 100 girls I've ever kissed.
Sex back and forth between missionary and cowgirl, she seemed to really love it in missionary. She really seemed to genuinely enjoy the sex, I'm no sex god by a long shot but she was really into me fucking her - but don't get me wrong she's not amazing compared to my top few girls I've ever known but she does come close.

OWO no problem in the slightest, unlike most escorts I've met from this agency who insist on OW. Very good at giving a blowjob but not amazing, can tell she's sucked a lot of cocks for her age.
Swallow was on offer when I asked, no mention if it would cost extra but I got the impression it was no extra cost. I was going to get her to finish me off like this but the sex was so good I completely forgot about it as I shot my load up her pussy in the condom.

Conclusion: if she would have a boob job go from a B to a D cup, have her moles removed, I'd give her an overall 9.9/10 - amazing.
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Offline pianodave

PassionVIP is an awful agency. Well done of getting a good punt out of them, but I will never use them again after the one time I tried them a couple of years back - the girl was one of the most horrible people I have met, and the agency were very rude.

CBA to open a new review thread so here goes. Booked Jenna last night, thankfully she was available so I didn't have to run the gauntlet of some unknown quantity and I knew she would leave me with a huge smile on my face and not thinking I had just wasted a few hours of my life (and a stack of cash) on some unpleasant troll.

Jenna arrived on time and looked gorgeous - Heels, tight dress, long straight blonde hair and she smelt lovely. Have to say I rate Jenna 10 looks wise because she is the only escort I have seen who has given me an instant rush of blood to my little fella as soon as I see her standing at my door, instant erection. Super pretty with a natural body, small pert breasts and a fantastic bum.

Started off with her sat on my lap having a long,slow kissing session while we were touching each other up. After a while I moved my hand down to her panties where I found they were already really hot and damp so I knew she was ready and so off came the underwear. I had Jenna straddle me and we carried on kissing while my hand wandered down below and I inserted a finger which slipped right in and started to finger and rub her until she was really worked up and started breathing harder and making the cutest little moans.

I've seen Jenna before so I know what makes her cum and oral is what does the trick or what I am good at rather. Went down fon Jenna until she came on my mouth(she has a very cute and clean little kitty) and then she was too sensitive for anything else so we moved onto my turn. Jenna provides OWO (I think she prefers it) and gave me a great BJ with plenty of eye contact until I had had enough and so we jumped onto the bed for more kissing, 69, covered sex all of which was great. I finished off and we cleaned up, had a long chat and a cold drink while waiting for her driver to come.

Personality wise she is equally lovely. Just a down to earth girl with a nice sense of humour. Ended up talking about our holidays, Glastonbury, ghosts of all thngs and the awful girls I saw in the past from her agency :/ (this forum too)

Anyway can't fault my time with her she is my fave girl in Brum. She is a little more expensive than most WGs but IMO worth every penny, as much as I like trying new girls for my money my time with her is as good as what Chloe used to be before she stopped. Birmingham seems to be a desert for finding a great escort who will see you after 9-10pm.

Hope that review helped. GFE OWO DFK with a very pretty and genuine local girl

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Offline Sultan4

Hi... Jenna is definitely my fav girl is Brum too.

But she is no longer with Birmingham VIP. Do you know where she went?
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