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Author Topic: Zara - 52 Greek Street - Soho Walkup  (Read 3250 times)

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Zara - No link

Location: 52 Greek Street - Soho Walkup

Price: £30 plus £2 for maid - 10-15mins

Comms were excellent, nice little room in the basement.

Services she offered me:

Foot fetish
Rimming on her


Smoking hot, very attractive Bulgarian woman, early 20's, nice curvy figure and arse - her look reminded me of Platinum Cindy and the best natural tits I've seen on a prossie.
Speaks good English.
She was spotlessly clean, gave her RO and Rimming, foot fetish, lovely tasty pussy. Best foot fetish session I had, mixed it up well. I was drooling over her feet and she was stroking my neck, cock/balls and chest with her feet - got me very hard.
She responds well to RO and and get's wet easily. Tits are great to suck and squeeze.
She sat on my my face whilst jerking me off. I had my tongue deep up her arsehole and feasting on her pussy.
Very friendly girl, who offers a good service.


Her hand relief technique was a bit lightweight. I helped her out a bit jerking myself, whilst she was sitting on my face rotating her hips and then I told her to take over and finish me off when I felt I was about to cum.

Another Soho Gem. I'm really turning into a big fan of Soho Walkups. I can't believe how hot and presentable these prossies look. This is an absolute bargain, exactly my type of woman. The foot fetish session she gave me was very good and she was enthusiastic about it, which is rare because most prossies find foot fetish too ticklish. Another excellent soho punt for £30! This could become very addictive. I saw Zara on Sunday evening. You can include this review to PuntingWiki. I feel I have a good punting plan now. Mixing up Soho Walkups with highly rated prossies. If plan A doesn't work out, Soho will always be my saviour! :angelgirl: 

RATING: 9/10

Offline od13218

Thanks! I've seen Mary/Maria at 52 a few times and she's pretty good, but fancied giving Zara a try - now I definitely will. Love a bit of facesitting...

No problem Doug! I'll try Mary sometime, but Zara takes some beating on the Soho circuit.

Offline raj21

Is zara better than nadia on romilly because if she is then she is something special.

Fancy seeing Zara. What are her tits like and does she speak English well/talk dirty?

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