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Author Topic: Lavender Beauty Spa on Shaftesbury  (Read 1706 times)

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I'm a visitor in London and posted for some help with the promise of doing reviews in return.

After stopping by several massage places in China town, I saw a woman I liked at Lavender (have to go to the 2nd floor).

Her name is a Cherry. Chinese woman with a great body and decent looks.  Probably a 6 or so on the looks, but nice personality and speaks English well. I'd guess she's mid to late 20's and lean like I like them.  Small top but I like that actually.  Beautiful smooth legs and gorgeous ass.

Booked an hour massage for 50 and 50 for extras (she started at 100 and I laughed). 50 is probably more than some pay here as I've gathered, but she was cute and was the nicest body I had seen in the places I stopped (went to both Be Health places---didn't like what I saw-- and a Chinese medicine place where the attendants were cute but would not let me see the woman downstairs before committing so I walked).

Massage was very mediocre...probably a charitable 3 or 4 out of 10.  She quickly got naked though and offered body to body.  Would not do OWO, but allowed free roaming, sucking her tits, etc.  Wanted to talk me up for FIV so I just stayed on the outside.

Did a nice little dance as she teased me on and off.  Brushed her hair and rubbed her chest on my package which was nice.  Loved staring at her ass when she reverse straddled me and worked on junior.  Nice finish with oil.

If I could do it again I'd probably have gone 30min because I was hoping for a better massage.

Thank you, Dave.
Paid over market rate but hey, welcome to London.
50 minutes must have seemed 120 !
Sometimes a inexperienced girl giving massage could cause potential damage to your back if not careful. Come out in painful state if its botched attempt at massage.

Offline bigone

All that research and you pay 100 pounds
For a hand job???

Yeah, not ideal but as I said I was hoping for a better massage (50 of the 100) and she was by far the nicest I had seen after going into several places.  Rather have a sure thing than pay for something where I just wanted to get off the table.  Fooled around for about 40min of the hour so not so bad and she was totally nude.

All ears if you have a better suggestion!

Bigone, I went past the place last Tuesday and there was some dowdy dressed binta outside touting. She was about as welcoming as a dose of clap and turned me right off the place to be honest. I've a mental list of massage places to try and  Lavender Beauty Spa is no longer on it.

Mind you, what you paid 'DaveinLondon' is easily surmounted by Asian Touch a few doors away; £59 plus whatever the masseuse asks for. I was first asked for £60 om my first appearance there and knocked her down to £40. Just HR, no touching whatsoever. Second time and it was £80 and I said a firm 'No, forty last time.' 
I paid the £40 and had a HJ and a quick feel outside of clothes. Asian Touch is no longer on my list.
The place is spotlessly clean, the staff polite and reasonable English. But, a bit expensive when you take the discounted price of £59 into consideration and which could well rise to £65 again.

At the moment I favour Be Health; my last total there was £105 but it was well worth it, been twice and there'll doubtless be a third.

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