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Author Topic: Has anyone seen Iara, carmen, karmen of various escort agencies?  (Read 609 times)

Pardon me if the above mentioned has been reviewed but I have searched and not found a lot of reviews on this particular escort.

Has anyone seen her and is she like her pictures as I am amazed not to have seen reviews on her?

This is a link of hers i found at 001London escorts where she goes by Iara http://www.001londonescorts.com/escort/iara-gloucester-road-sw7-brunette but I have seen her profile on different agencies like Imperial Top models as Lara as well as other names on various agencies.

Have you gone to see her? Just found her profile and my eyes almost popped out of my head.

No I have not as I have searched everywhere for someone that can say whether she is for real or not, you know photoshopped to the hilt or not but all I keep seeing are comments on her boobs that did not help in any way.

I actually did call 1 of the agencies and was told she was asleep so I left it at that.

Offline 3lions

I'm really tempted by her too, she looks ridiculously hot, but this put me off...


I must counter this by saying I've found about a dozen good reviews to counter this one negative, but for that money, I'm always put off when there are question marks on enthusiasm.  None of the reviews question how fit she is, and most say what a great performance she puts on, but this is the most recent I've found.  Worries me a bit.

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