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Author Topic: Kate Kiss Kiss - Nottingham  (Read 457 times)

Offline RedKettle

https://www.adultwork.com/2864196 or https://www.adultwork.com/kate+kiss+kiss

Appears to be a new Polish girl in town.  Prices look OK and does OWO and CIM.

From photos I would say average, not a stunner but something nice about her.

Anyone tried her or got an opinion?


Offline Steely Dan

Is she Kate or Kim?  Is she 24 or 27?  My guess none of these. And "This Member has chosen not to allow their Ratings and Feedback to be viewed."

You go first.

Only been going for 6 weeks, 1 positive but feedback hidden?  Always an absolute no for me, my advice would be to look elsewhere.

Offline RedKettle

Thanks chaps.

I had spotted the confusion over her own name but not the age!  Pretty stupid on a new profile.

I had not looked at the feedback - I often don't bother because it is so useless, but agree the fact it is hidden is of concern.

Plenty of others on my HL to go at first so I will leave her in my "Possible for the future" list and see if anyone else on UKP tries her.  If I do decide to give her a go I will let you know.

She obviously likes names beginning with "K" as she's also called Kelly in Kardiff...


Still, she kould be holiday!

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