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Author Topic: Double Blowjob Delight at the Phoenix  (Read 2093 times)

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Offline Teessider

A quiet party last Saturday, 6 guys and 4 girls – Emily, Nicole, Louiza & Kasia.

Although not the complete 6 girls advertised, more than enough to keep 6 guys entertained and outfucked.   :wacko:

Not  the frantic buzz of a crowded party, but a much more relaxed, take your time session (30 minutes with each girl if split evenly).

So, first to Emily and she settles down to get me going with one of her sensual blowjobs while fixing you with her eyes. Then I roll her over for some doggy and finish with lively mish with Nicole alongside getting the same.   ;)

On to Louiza, she’s looking superfit, with tight abs and still has the sexy tan lines from her return to Brazil. Onto the swing and she’s happy to get her feet into the leather stirrups as she presents her puss to me, complete with a light coating of finely manicured fur. I place a small dollop of lube (not that she needs it, but I like the tingle on my tongue) on her clit, and begin to play. Her breathing becomes heavier and she writhes as I tease her with licking and circling her clit with my tongue until she cums noisily.  :wackogirl:

I rubber up and slide my cock slowly into her pussy which is so slippery with a mix of pussy juice and lube. I slide up to the hilt and she squeezes her muscles to wrap me in, and by a process of peristalsis (muscular contractions) proceeds to bring me to orgasm. I attempt to hold back to save my spunk for later but she’s got some spectacular muscle control and I pull out just before cumming and shower my spunk over her torso and tits. ‘Bad girl, you made me cum too soon’.   :rolleyes:

Onto Kasia, my softcockitus has set in, so I tell her I’ll have to make her cum instead. She kneels with one thigh each side of my face and pushes her pussy onto my face. I enjoy the taste and aroma of her pheromone rich pussy and she gasps as she grinds hard onto my tongue. I can feel her thigh muscles twitching and after several minutes she yelps as she cums violently. I love making her cum, she’s so responsive.  :P

By now my cock has revived and we go to the swing, where I give her a good hard fucking – she’s an insatiable minx.   :)

Off for a shower, glass of wine and some cheese and I sit on the perving chair and watch Louiza giving a lucky guest a thorough work over finishing with a steamy looking ‘69’.

I find Nicole and ask her to the swing – she is happy to oblige and lays back and opens her legs. I add some lube to her already sopping pussy and slide in – it feels so good. We carry on slowly then fast then slow, enjoying the sensation. The swing gives extra deep penetration and allows for good control and feels quite different to the usual positions (doggy, mish, cowgirl, etc.). After several minutes she cums hard and asks if I could spunk for her. I pull out, remove the rubber and move alongside her face. She starts to suck, flicking her tongue over my knob end, and much to my surprise (I’m normally a one pop pony), I feel myself cumming again. I shoot over her mouth and tits – she smiles. We freshen up and return to the party.   :dancegirl:

Ten minutes to go, and only 3 blokes are left after the others have been despunked and withdraw.

So, onto the bed, and I am fortunate to have both Emily and Nicole to play with on my own. Emily is in a frisky mood and sucks me back to life and she invites Nicole to join in with a double blow job on my newly resurrected cock.   :cool:

Two cute girls then proceed to start one each side of my cock and work their way down to the tip, a quick kiss, then slowly back up to the top. Slowly back down again, nibbling, licking, kissing, to the tip again – lick, kiss, suck. This process repeats for about 10 minutes, another 5 minutes and I might have shot for a third time, but party over. What a pair of minxes teasing an old fella like that!!    :kissgirl: :angelgirl:

Personally I prefer the busy parties, but I can't really complain about what happened to me at this quiet party.  :drinks:

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Online Steve2

Maybe you should move into their spare room. It'd save on travelling

 :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi:

Offline Teessider

Maybe you should move into their spare room. It'd save on travelling

 :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi:

Now that's a pretty tempting suggestion.  :diablo:

Trouble is I'd be skint within a month.   :blush:

 ... anyway I already suggested that they should turn it into a Bible class room, so nosy neighbours wouldn't know what you had been up to when you went out the door at the end.  :unknown:

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