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Author Topic: Deepthroat in Birmingham  (Read 1561 times)

I'm looking to unload my balls this afternoon and am trying to find a w/g who genuinely deepthroats. I've been promised it many times but it's rarely delivered, most of the time it's the tip of your dick in their mouth and a lot of hand action - I'm not hung like a horse so size should not be an issue.
I have 2 regulars who can provide this, but it's getting a bit old with them now, I want someone new, lol.
Any recommendations?

Area: within 10 miles of Birmingham city centre.
Max price: £70 h/h £100h
Age: Below 35
Nationality: Not too bothered, as long as it's not Romanian.


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Thanks for the recommendation mate but I think I'll pass on that one - I've seen her once before and it was a very poor punt. She was in a stroppy mood for some reason. Also, she is a lot larger than her pics show/suggest, not a bbw though. She won't be getting my money again!

would be good if you guys could write reviews of your experiences with dt lola,she is certainly a very pretty girl

I'll try to do one at some point, but my previous comments sum up the meeting in general, very poor. She already has two reviews on here and they're pretty bad too. She's definitely not someone I'd recommend based on my own personal experience with her though.

Offline mart478

You could try Sammi


I've recommended her before.  Always gives great dt with me.

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