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Author Topic: Baan Thai Massage- Strawberry Hill Twickenham  (Read 26085 times)

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Location: Next to Strawberry Hill Station. Parking outside and also on all the roads next to the shop.
Booked 1hr for £45 (+£20 extra). Called and booked 15mins before arriving to make appt.

Was in the area so I thought i would give this place a try, I read a review a while ago. Was greeted by a young Asia lady, very hot, slim and good looking. For a second i thought she was the masseuse but i was wrong.. she just took the payment. £45 for 1 hour. The masseuse was an older woman, not very good looking and dressed like she was going to tesco to do a evening shop. Was taken up stairs to a room with 2 massage tables and told to get undressed and lay down. the room was freezing cold but she did put on an electric heater which made a difference. The massage was great!! totally unexpected. this woman knew what she was doing and was very consistent with  pressure. at one point she asked if i wanted it harder or softer.. this threw me off and i thought that it was a bonafied massage shop. She asked me if i was warm yet to which i replied yes and she took the towel off me and started massaging my bum.. this is when i realized that extras were on the menu  :cool: was asked to flip over and she started massaging my legs and staring at my cock. after a min or 2 she started accidentally brushing it as she massaged high thigh.. and then asked if i would like extras, I asked how much and she said £20. there was no room to negotiate and to be fair £20 was my limit to how much i was willing to pay. She then started with the hj and my goodness she knew what she was doing. she had a very good technique using both hands making sure to massage the balls too. Once i exploded she cleaned me up, washed her hands and carried on with the massage. We got talking a bit and she told me she was from the south of Thailand but didn't catch her name. I was offered a shower but the bathroom didnt look too great so i declined and just had a shower when I got home.

Would i return: If im in the area again i will definitely go back but i wouldn't go out of my way to go there,

Online fredpunter

From the description sounds like you had a different masseuse to me, mine wasn't old and was attractive, but she also never went near my naughty bits.

If I go back I will ask for the old ugly one  :lol:

From the description sounds like you had a different masseuse to me, mine wasn't old and was attractive, but she also never went near my naughty bits.

If I go back I will ask for the old ugly one  :lol:

Worth a try. If im in the area again ill go back and see if its the same again or a one off

All the girls in Chinatown wear tights - is it the same at Baan?

Offline Sprog999

Worth a try. If im in the area again ill go back and see if its the same again or a one off

Hi, this is a very hit and miss place wrt HR -I've been twice, the first time lucky, next time absolute zero - although in both cases the massage itself was very good, so not a total loss. Read the reports on the other Baan Thai thread (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=50177.msg701893#msg701893)

So had the chance to visit again. Had an apt for 11am. Much better lookimg masseuse this time. Younger, hotter. Thr massage agin was great and i wasnt too sure if there would be any extras. She did make sure to go very high thigh and brush the old chap a few times but that was it. Flipped over and she got to work on the legs this time brushing my balls and old chap loads of times. 15mins before the end she asked if i would like any other massages. I said yes and looked at my cock. She laughed and said oh i meant like head massage or shoulders. Agreed a fee and she went to work.. much better hj than last time. Not rushed at all. So far 2 great visits

Online fredpunter

Please share how much the fee was

Same as above £45 for 1hr massage and £20 for the extras

Online fredpunter

Ta, I will try this place again some time, but if they fail me again they won't get a third chance to play with my Willy.

Offline shabash

Did you get a name at either successful visits John?

Has anyone tried a lady called Tai there.?
Please let me know, what she offers.
Thanks in advance.

This place offers Happy endings for every masseuse they employ.
I went here initially because the massages are excellent, really excellent.

One day I said I had pain in my glutes so she told me to remove my boxers and I then got a stiffy which she asked if I wanted massaged as well.
£20 fee as per usual.

Mai and Lisa are the 2 good looking girls, just make sure when you're getting undressed you get fully undressed. She'll know immediately what you're after. I also leave £20 ontop of my wallet to make it very apparent.

I've had a HE from there every time since my first.
Must be about 5 times by now - sadly they don't offer any more services despite repeated attempts and offer of cash!

Online fredpunter

Well I was fully naked for my massage but either she wasn't immediately aware of what I wanted or she didn't like the look of my perfectly average equipment. The 20 quid note left on display may be the difference though.

I never got a name. Everytime ive been ive always been fully naked and by the time i turn over usually have a semi.. theres some nice teasing that goes on. I should be in the area this week again so will givr it another go and get a name

Was in the area like i thought i would be so called and made an apt for 11am. I did everything as usual and in came the lady from last week. She is calle Mae. Great massage and hr again. If you book ask for mae. About 20mins before the end she will ask if you want any specific area massaged. Dnt be affraid to say hr. (Standard £20tip)

Online fredpunter

Ta for that, I expect Mae is going to develop strong wrists now.

Offline Rupert

Ta for that, I expect Mae is going to develop strong wrists now.

is Mae an older looking woman?

Offline webpunter

just make sure when you're getting undressed you get fully undressed. She'll know immediately what you're after. I also leave £20 ontop of my wallet to make it very apparent.
There's me thinking i know about most things about massage / HE - but the bobby-moore is a great idea
I've found that 25 on the 2nd visit with the same girlie works wonders.  The HE bit starts just a little earlier.  And only for an extra fiver
Is it possible to book a particular girlie by mentioning her name when phoning up ? 

No mae is not the older looking woman (theres one that i think is late40s)

I believe that you can book specific girls. Next time i go ill try book mae again.

Mae is the younger looking one and speaks very good English.
If she's asks have you been here before say yes but I saw someone else, I couldn't remember. Mention that a friend recommended you very highly - also as she massages near your cock let her know you're enjoying it and getting turned on. Guide her hand slowly even - these girls want their tip trust me.
She'll get the message!

The other women their all do HR as well. I've had double HR during a 4 hand massage session as well. Just strip starkers and let them know you are into it sexually when they get close to your coco, the rest should just happen.

Went yesterday on the strength of the comments above, saw Mae for 90 mins. Asked for firm Thai  massage and she delivered big style. Left wallet on top of clothes with a £20 poking out very visibly.

I was naked and as table was heated said I didn't really need the towel over my lower half. When Mae was working on my legs, she worked uo over my bum and round my thighs. On turning over, the long strokes up my thighs had the expected effect. I commented how good it felt and that no doubt she could see I was enjoying it to which Mae asked 'Would you like me to massage it as well?' Errrr - yes please!

Her technique was exquisite, lots of attention from initial tickles to rubbing & massaging my balls, teasing around the tip of my cock and rubbing & wanking it expertly.

Excellent work and great value at £65 / 90 mins plus £20 for the very happy ending.

I'm hooked and will be back again & again

Offline Sprog999

Hi, Punterunderstanding
I was also there yesterday - had an 1800 booking with Mae for 30 mins. My last time with her was a no-show in terms of HR - not sure why, maybe she had an off day- which is why I went for the shorter session, in case of a repeat performance. However, this time she came up with the goods, a superb massage and HR which left me floating, and she was also much friendlier and smiled and chatted a lot during our session. The older lady was also there, they were both awful busy yesterday, there was a troop of guys entering with visible anticipation and leaving with visible satisfaction. I wonder if the locals are beginning to suspect what's going on as most of the clientele seem to be single men of all ages. Anyway I will definitely return, but I hope their success doesn't go to their heads and they don't become greedy and start putting up their prices for massages/HR.

Offline webpunter

Does the length of the massage booked have any impact on how long the HE lasts ?  I went to a Chinese place between surbo & tolworth (was shut down a while back & has since re-opened). Once 1st visit completed (HE was about 10-15 mins on a 30 min appt) then subsequently I booked 1hr sessions. The next HE was about 30 mins and the one after that 45 mins. Paying 20 + 5, latter as an xtra tip as mentioned above. With the same girlie called Apple
Would be good to know - I'll try & book Mae - and leave a twenty poking out of my wallet. My punting wallet of course - with nothing else in it. Maybe the odd twenty note or two tucked away for emergency top-ups ! Let me know please. As if a standard 20 min HJ I might was well book 30 or 45 mins. Reading on iPad so hard to read whole thread - is B2B available?

Offline Sprog999

Hi there r u massage places between surbiton & tolworth one is natural health and the other is called dermatological something (cant remember the exact name). Is it one of these or another? Would appreciate  the name as I would like to check it

Offline SouthernGeordie

Had driven past this place numerous times - so I found this site and checked out the feedback. On that basis I decided to give it a go today and Im damn glad I did. Had 1 hour with Mae ending in HR. I took notice of the previous posts tips and stripped off completely and left the £20 in full view - so that + the fact that when I flipped over I was rock hard obviously let Mae know what I wanted lol
 Great massage and even betting ending to the hour (£45 + £20). Mae herself is very attractive and speaks good english and knows what she is doing. Room was clean and warm and the offer of a shower was there at the end

Will be going back - but does anybody know of any other 'accomodating' establishments around the Kingston area?????
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