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Author Topic: @Juicy cathryn@ - Harrow HA1  (Read 1441 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2904847 or https://www.adultwork.com/%40Juicy+cathryn%40

Hungary 5 - England 3

Been off work this week and I seem to have hit a high frequency punting patch partly caused by the unavailability of regulars. I know that this is a bit of an odd statement, but when you have planned to see one of your favourites and for some reason the punt doesn't go through there's an urge that needs satisfying.

I've had three punts in the last five days (usually a max of one per week) the first with Xena:
who I really ought to see more of before she retires; the second with a regular whose been away far too long (well six weeks - seems like a long time)
;and this one with Cathryn, prompted by the unavailability of another reg who I had already tried to book before seeing Xena. (Hope you followed all that!)

Cathryn was until recently working as www.adultwork.com/2316885 or www.adultwork.com/%40+angie+%40.

Not only are all these girls based in Harrow, but they all happen to be Hungarians, thus the score above which represents the number of orgasms we've had between us over these three punts - I'm a strictly one cum per punt guy, and always have been. In fact on a recent negative review thread on yet another Hungarian in Harrow, after I proffered the names of Xena and Nicky as examples of very good WGs of that nationality in the area I was accused of white knighting:

Sorry my slight against Hungarian women got your inner white knight going.

So seeing as I have been accused of this I thought I might as well stay on my trusty steed and see another Hungarian girl!  Cathryn/Angie has had a few reviews on here recently, one negative and the others positive, so thank you to those reviewers.

Comms were by text and were easy, setting up a meeting for 90 mins later.  Full postcode was sent and I was talked down to the precise location when I arrived.  The flat is situated above some shops in the centre of Harrow, very close to Harrow on the Hill Station, and there is pay and display parking near to the back of Debenhams no more than a couple of minutes walk away.  The entrance is reasonably discreet, although you can feel exposed if left for too long outside the front door as it is up a flight of outside steps. The room was spacious, tidy and comfortable (with candles), although with the blinds slightly open you could see shoppers on the high street outside, which was an interesting experience (let's hope it wasn't the same for them!). I was aware of another girl in the kitchen, I presume she was another WG, but I didn't see her, and I don't think there were any males on the premises.

Cathryn is definitely the attractive girl in the photos, although I would say she is a little slimmer and slightly older looking in the flesh.  She is a smoker, and I could initially taste this on her, but this did not bother me unduly and as the punt progressed I became less conscious of it, however, if you have a strong aversion to smokers breath, be warned.  Other than the smoking she was very clean and fresh (she was chewing gum at the start of the meet, probably to freshen her breath up a little).

I would say that her stated age of 35 is broadly accurate, although her breast size is smaller than C cup, I would think closer to B or even A, although she has responsive pert nipples. Services that I partook of were FK, OWO, RO, fingering and penetration and other reviewers have mentioned that she also includes CIM. She is excellent value at £70p/h and there were no extras for the vanilla services that I required - she states on her profile that watersports, swallowing and filming are extras, and anal doesn't seem to be on offer at all. Her English is a little basic, but well up to the amount of verbal communication needed once the action has started.  She told me that she has been in London since September, spending three weeks here at a time before returning home for a break.
I like to take control of a punt from the start, as I know that I am only going to pop once, and Cathryn was quite amenable to taking things at my pace.  I know this sounds like boasting, but somehow I seem to have the ability to make most girls genuinely climax, especially if they allow fingering; the combination of hitting the g-spot and tonguing their clit seems to be pretty much fool-proof, and the look of surprise on their faces that a balding, overweight, grey fifty something should be able to do this to them always amuses me. It may also be because knowing that I am only going to come once I can concentrate more on the foreplay, thus giving me the time to warm them up.  Anyway, Cathryn was the third Hungarian girl this week to reach a climax in this way with me (there's no mistaking it when you've got your finger up their fanny and can see their faces).  I don't know why this turns me on so much, and I can quite understand those punters who say that it is a waste of your money making a WG cum as you are paying for them to make you cum, but I also think that it pays dividends later on in the punt as they are more likely to climax later during penetration.  I take some time to climax, but when a girl is starting to cum during sex the whole feeling changes as your cock gets gripped, and even if I was some way off, it suddenly accelerates and I tend to climax myself soon after they do.  Anyway of the three meets, two girls definitely climaxed during sex, and Cathryn was one of them for certain (thus the 5 goals at the top of the review - Xena might have been a half from sex, although we got a goal beforehand, even though she doesn't allow fingering, but you can't get half goals so she only accounts for one).

She kissed throughout the hour, although it wasn't deep, it was passionate with much tongue work. Her OWO was great, with varied sucking and licking, taking it quite deep (not DT though, but this doesn't do much for me anyway) and using her fingers on my balls and perineum. She probably expected to make me cum through her oral, but as a one pop guy I always save that for penetration towards the end of the punt, but I was certainly very close.  When I was fingering and sucking her she got very wet and there was almost a gush of fanny juices as I removed my finger from her (although I don't think she's squirter if this is your thing).

Had a shower afterwards in what was not the most luxurious bathroom I have ever been in, but it was clean and the towel was freshly laundered.

With slight reservations about the smokers breath, this was a hugely enjoyable punt with a very responsive lady and I will definitely return soon.

PS - Already planning my summer holidays for......... guess where.............?
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Offline Steve2

Nice report JB

Cathryn is one of the best around currently along with Xena , Eva and Nicole (Xena's flatmate )

Cathryn is going home at the end of this week for 3 ? weeks and not sure where she will be working on her return but hopes to be in the Harrow area again

The other girl who shares the flat is

https://www.adultwork.com/2886303 or https://www.adultwork.com/%40sunny%40

who has a negative review on here

We must have been following each other around Harrow this week  :drinks:

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Offline SamLP

Cathryn is always soaking wet, and she has one of the tightest pussies I've punted with. Thanks for the review, and agree with Steve, one of the better girls out there at the moment. Seems we've all been going on a merry go round  ;) having seen Xena too this week.

Offline johnnyboy61

Perhaps we need to sort out a rota!
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