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Author Topic: Have you 'walked' from a booking?  (Read 3853 times)

Offline SaneOnes

Where is your sense of humour ?!  :P

There it was. Dry and sarcastic.

Offline nike

My last walk was for false advertising. Stunning girl, Hungarian I believe. I asked via text if likes list was all inclusive. Received a positive response. On entering flat prossie was fit as fuck wearing seriously sexy lingerie with a very cold manner. I asked about owo and anal straight away. Both of which she was angry about. I put the money back in my pocket and told her to sort her pimp out for false advertising and sort her sour face out. I don't think she understood the last bit lol.

Quite recently, had a massive likes list and ticked all the boxes and confirmed that all services were available, by phone, My Problem , I didn't specify induvidual services. On arrival def. girl in pictures but when I asked about owo and cim, was told owo no because she has had a tooth problem and def no cim. I told her sorry and walked.

First one  was a  sauna girl who had  absouletly crap attiude, she started off by telling me her rules, her words, not mine. I told he that my rule was not to pick someone who didn't know their job description and I walked out and after a talk with management, chose another girl. Several years later, also a sauna  whilst giving me a crappie BJ, Iasked her to move up so that I could finger her. She got irate and said that she was not a gymnast and I was asking her to get into impossible positions. I walked out on her. There have been one or two others but no more than about five over 20 + years.

Offline Trevor12

I've walked a few times now. I just tell them why now, instead of making up a BS excuse. I actually get quite the adrenaline rush when I'm back in the car.

Offline nigel4498

Link? Name & Shame
Have posted a review on the South East review board.
Sorry on iPad and can't post a link.

All the poor punts I've had (and should have walked out on) were all when using agencies.
When I started punting I assumed agencies would have better girls/ give better service because of their premium prices - WRONG!!!
Now I just use independents as I can speak to the girls directly and find out if they actually do the services I require. Also if I like the sound of them on the phone.

Offline Garden69

Better to walk, than be polite and regret wasting £ xxx on someone you didn't even want to shag.  :hi:

Totally agree. Besides in the example quoted at the head of this post you have no need for embarrassment or false excuses. Your excuse would be genuine in that you came expecting to see the girl advertised !

Offline ATMIV

I walked the other day - I just didn't find the WG attractive.

I put my hands up and said "I'm very sorry but I won't stay"

I don't like hurting their feelings like that but it's always a risk they run if they don't display a face photo.

In the past I might have stayed all be it with a feeling of disappointment, but having discovered this site it makes me realise how many great girls are around and it's better to save the ££££s for another day
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Offline PaintBrush

And of course thanks to the reviewers on this site who give you the real picture, the chances of having to walk are significantly reduced since I discovered UKP.


Never taken a punt without first reading up on UKP

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