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Author Topic: premature ejaculation during punt.  (Read 910 times)

Offline sam1

I am new to punting. I see many girls only allow one shot during a 30 minute punt. Any of ypu ever cum say in a minute or so and did the girl throw you out or let you cum again ?
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It all depends in the girl. Most guys at one time or other will blow early and have time left in the clock. Some girls would be ok to go twice, others start herding you out. But you can plan for that. You should always ask upfront before you book so you pick a girl thats going to work with you.

30 mins is a short window to recover and go again  so you might actually wanna pay up for 45 or an hour or pay a little more.

If you want to pop twice book a hour and get the first one out of the way early. Never fails for me  :dance:

Like others have said, book those who charge you by the time not by the times you cum. If you are a minute man like you said, then you can probably manage 3 to 4 pops in an hour session (it takes a bit longer each time)

Offline SirFrank

A good girl will charge for her time not pops
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