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Author Topic: Tamara of Playmates - Leeds  (Read 1809 times)

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Offline KingKenny7


Location - Leeds - Clarence Dock
Time - 1 Hour booking (I left early)
Money - £130 - £20 discount for mentioning a certain forum - They do ask for your username and the account is active

Firstly I was torn between rating the experience as neutral or negative, maybe after detailing my experience the more experienced member can give feedback / what they would have rated. This was my first time booking with an agency and only my 4th punt.

On Monday I spoke to the receptionist and was told Tamara had a 4/5 hour booking for today (Tuesday 31st) so wouldn't have been able to fulfil my preferred time, so I booked for Friday (3rd April) and I mentioned that should Tamara become available today then to let me know. Less than an hour later I get a text saying Tamara is available, so thought happy days and booked. I was told to ring the office 1 hour prior to the meeting to confirm.. I rang t 10.00am this morning to be told Tamara is not replying to the agency calls so they will take her off the rota, I was asked if I wanted to see anybody else...Daniella was in Manchester for day but advised Bella was available..I said I will wait an hour or so and see if Tamara makes contact, text an hour later saying she is working from 4-7... I booked for 1 hour and was so excited based on the report from Costa...

Experience - I arrived about 7 minutes early and had to run to avoid the massive hailstones, wind, rain and was told Tamara is not ready yet, so go find shelter by the Tesco and they will text when available...10 minutes after the start time I got a text with flat number & floor...

Tamara opened the door and the first thing I noticed was her breasts on full display in a half unbuttoned blouse I had asked her to wear, she apologised saying she forgot the dress, skirt I had asked and the lingerie set I had requested and had confirmed by the receptionist was ok...Taken into the kitchen and asked if I wanted a drink, I said water and headed for the shower..(I always shower beforehand and carry chewing gum but like to shower at the girls place). First impressions I wasn't feeling it, I am surprised but I did not find her attractive (I am no model) didn't even get a semi on..Tamara was a little quiet, no real effort, interest in having a conversation. (With Gabi & Sensual Amy Instant hard on dying to get out of the shower and onto the bed)

Shower done, Tamara laid on the bed and we started kissing, I was trying to go for a more passionate French Kissing and after a few seconds she was turning her head, so I was kissing her neck. (She does offer French Kissing but lacked passion, effort) While doing so Tamara was lightly playing with my cock but no effort. I was getting bored and to be honest just didn't find her attractive. She started giving OWO but lacked any effort, no real sensation or pleasure for me, I was getting bored. I asked her to go on top, while she rolled over to grab the condom I noticed her hairy back (lower spine, above her bum, small but noticeable hairy patch), this was such a turnoff and she went on top for about two minutes, lack of real effort, light moaning and grinding..Then she said I go on top, I said lets do doggy, she smiled and said that was her favourite...She rolled over and you can see her in the mirror but I was focusing on the hairy patch on her back.. I banged away for a couple of minutes, Tamara giving an oscar performance, screaming loudly, moaning, grabbing the quilt tight, I've never had that effective on a woman before so I assume she was faking. I still had not cum once at this point...

I suggested Tamara join me in the shower, she said yes, but tie her back back...She just stood in the shower while I played, soaped up her boobs, again total lack of interest or effort, she took off the condom and stroked my cock maybe 5/6 times...I told her I will join her back in the room... I ended up asking Tamara to lay on the bed, feet up on the wardrobe and I cum myself....back in the shower and put my clothes back on... she did shout in asking If I wanted a drink...

I came out of the shower fully clothed and I think Tamara was surprised, (she was applying more makeup) she said we have time left, I said I am leaving. Her attitude changed and she become more friendly, chatty but after a minute or so of small talk while I drink a glass of water... To be honest she put on this silly posh voice which I found highly irritating..

After Tamara running slightly late, not dressed fully as I had requested, not being overly friendly, chatty at the start and me not finding her attractive this was an awful punt. I doubt if I spent more than 15 minutes on the bed out of an hour booking and that is being generous. 

Looks - 6/10 - (Sweet Gabi / Sensual Amy more attractive in my opinion) her best feature are her breasts
Personality - 3/10 Immediately apologised or not wearing my outfit in full yet I found her quite cold, not chatty, welcoming, putting me at ease, her attitude changed at the end to a slightly more interested...Which I found fake and annoying..
Value for Money - 3/10 - Based on her nice natural large breasts
Location - 10/10 - 2 hour free parking, normally no problems finding a spot.

I certainly will not be going back for a repeat booking. I am aware that Tamara may have had an off day, maybe she just wasn't that into me and I am aware that many others may have a far more positive experience that mine, which I really hope is the case. I feel the above is a genuine, fair, honest reflection on our meeting. I require a GFE and this certainly was not that, this is my first experience with an english escort and I was disappointed. 

I was really torn between putting neutral or negative - Guys let me know your opinions.

Offline costa

Great honest review kenny , weve had totally different experiences to the point I'm not sure we've seen the same girl , did she have a Lancashire accent say 5ft5 in height , mid 20's. The girl I saw was all over me if anything a bit full on and very chatty . I feel really guilty recommending her

Offline KingKenny7

Thanks for the reply & feedback Costa. During the punt it did cross my mind if this was the same girl you had seen (sums up the punt if you are thinking about this and not having a good time / sex)

Yes a Manchester accent but she was talking in this high pitched, fake attempt at a posh accent..She was covered / plastered in heavy OTT makeup so yes early twenties but am rubbish at guessing...The hairy back was a passion killer.. No need to feel guilty... With Gabi & Amy not currently in Leeds and Tiff who won't reply to my booking requests I am struggling to find alternatives.

With Gabi & Amy not currently in Leeds and Tiff who won't reply to my booking requests I am struggling to find alternatives.
AngelWings? Best punt I've had in Leeds.

Offline johnboy007

KingKenny7, good review - hairy back!?? Feck me, I think I'll pass.

Costa - did you notice the hair on her back? It sounds like you couldn't miss it :-D

Banning reason: Abusive + Leaver

Offline KingKenny7

Thanks Johnboy007 - Small but noticeable hairy patch, I rang the agency this morning to double check that it was Tamara that I saw. They said it was but I don't feel the pictures on the website are accurate. Size 10 I would say not 8 as stated.

In future I will need to be more selective as I cannot afford many awful punts at £130.

I would add after ringing to get the apartment number / floor I was told you need to be buzzed in, however as I approached the entrance a young, attractive girl dressed in jeans and barbour style jacket was waiting and the door was open, we both looked and smiled at each other...I did ask Tamara if this was anything to do with the Agency..She said No...This blonde was attractive...

Offline costa

KingKenny7, good review - hairy back!?? Feck me, I think I'll pass.

Costa - did you notice the hair on her back? It sounds like you couldn't miss it :-D

No I didn't see or notice a hairy back , the girl I saw was very attractive the prettiest I've seen in Leeds/Yorkshire and was very pleasant to talk to and was very chatty .

Offline bod666

That is absolutely a negative review KK - spot on. We're paying for the girl  to at least pretend that they find us interesting and want to shag us. All the bad punts I've had have been with cold lifeless girls -that experience tops it all. Negative all the way.

I've just looked through aw and no-one took my fancy. Think i'll save my cash and pay a visit to Mrs Palm and her 5 little daughters ;)

Offline KingKenny7

Thanks for the reply Bod.. I think having Gabi as my first punt I was spoilt and equally so with my second punt with Sensual Amy.. I look daily on AW and nobody stands out for me other than Tiff but had to give up due to her not replying.

Still no reviews for Denise who I assume works out of the same apartment as Amy did..

Offline costa

Kenny is tiff reading the emails or just ignoring them . When you ask for a booking are you giving plenty off notice I amagine she's very busy with personal life and work .

Kendall has got some good reviews lately not seen her myself.

Offline bod666

My god Kenny having Gabi as your first ever punt has ruined you for life! My first was fairly uninspiring and put me off the idea for 6 months or so.

I think I'm just too depressed to punt now Gabi and Amy have gone  :cry:

Offline KingKenny7

@Costa - Tiff is reading all my messages. The first couple she would just reply with - Hi Hun, fully booked. I sent a more detailed email, introduced myself and told her I am aware she is busy, popular and asked if we can agree a date & time. I said it doesn't matter if it's in one, two, three weeks time. I asked since she is retiring this summer that if she has enough regular / repeat customers and won't be seeing any new customers I would appreciate her letting me know..

@Bod - I agree, I have seen Gabi twice and I am suffering major withdrawal symptoms and will never forget seeing Amy in that black lace basque, I've never had such an instant hard on, I actually remember smiling, laughing while I took at a shower at the thought of this young, beautiful lady waiting on the bed....

I think my experience with Tamara has put me off and I will be more selective in future.

Offline KingKenny7

I even said to Tiff you tell me a date & time and I will make that appointment.. It's fraustrating but respect her decision not to see me..

Online NEGaz

Sorry you had such a bad punt. But thanks for the honest review one to watch for me at the mo.

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