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Author Topic: Sheffield agencies?  (Read 691 times)

Offline NIK

Which agencies are there in Sheffield these days? Back in my punting heyday before the internet really took off the Star used to be full of here today, gone tomorrow outfits which I used frequently for outcalls - mostly crap. 

I can only think of Sheff / Northern Belles, Mckenzies and Steel City Escorts - the latter maybe have gone.

Are Ladybirds still going? Used them twice in the 90's, both crap!
Remember Paul, the pimp sounded a right sleazbag on the phone. He always told me he didn't need the internet. Of course this was in its early days.
Then there was Five Star Escorts.  Another pimp full of bullshit. He could call on THIRTY beautiful girls any night of the week and they would travel anywhere from Leeds to Leicester. They did corporate functions and unlike Paul Ladybird he was going to get a website. It was all bollocks. I used them twice and again both crap. I think he'd dragged the second one from the street!  :scare:
One fairly decent outfit back in the mid 90's was Liaisons which I used quite a few times. Had outcalls and incalls, both at a hotel in Sharrow and the pimp's place in Gleadless. Anyone remember them?

In more recent times I've used Sheff Belles once and Mckenzies never.

Are there any other agencies these days and most importantly are any of them any good?  :)

Offline Ali Katt

Very few. Here's a list of the Yorkshire Agencies: http://www.puntingwiki.com/wiki/Yorkshire_Agencies

I think there's only 3 in Sheffield. Why bother? When you can go to GFE or another parlour and yes McKenzies and Northern Belles are pretty much north based and not Sheffield exclusive.Don't forget Ladybirds - an agency no-one else has used, I think they are still going.
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Offline NIK

I have just found one called Honeys on AW. £170 for both outcall an incalls. Seems a bit strange?

Offline Ali Katt

I have just found one called Honeys on AW. £170 for both outcall an incalls. Seems a bit strange?
Seems to be affiliated with Bunnies Leeds, Honeys, Bunnies even the name is doing a double egg. Has the overly verbose "ladies" descriptions that bunnies has. I think. They have £150 listed as the rates on the main sit, so who knows what they cost.

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