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Author Topic: Tina~busty - Nottingham  (Read 917 times)

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 https://www.adultwork.com/2363537 or https://www.adultwork.com/Tina%7Ebusty

Balls before brains once again... Having been let down by a bait and switch (see another review) I was ready for some action and so did a quick aw search on recently updated in Nottingham. Up comes the above, £60 for half an hour and she was available.

First problem was that she asked me to get some condoms and would knock it off the bill..! Not a huge issue, as it meant I got some skinz which are far nicer and thinner than the inner tubes that a lot of the EE girls are using.

So rocked up at the road she told me and rang. It's not actually the road she's on, so a drive round the corner into a cul de sac. Told not to park outside the house. Her house is the only one without numbers on the front done! Well done..

She opened the door as a lot of the girls do, without presenting any part of her body to the light.. Once in.. I've had a lot better but figure I may as well empty one into her. The house is very untidy, with kids clothes and toys all over the place, the TV's on in lounge at full volume, as well as the one is the room. Obviously the babyfather isn't around, but I have a nasty feeling the kid or kids were in the house. I have no problem with walking usually, should've done the "wallets in the car" trick.

Now for £60 for half an hour I expect OWO at the very least, fingering, kissing and anything else is a bonus. Nope. Shit massage, followed by all of 5 minutes of OW. Not great technique, no fingers allowed and she didn't even get it hard before whipping the condom on.
Told me to jump on top, slapped some KY on the little man and her chuff and I stuck it in. Made some fake moaney noises, rubbed her tits a bit and made a crap attempt at dirty talk. I decided to pop and fuck off 5 minutes later.

It doesn't take much for a WG to make a ok punt into a good one, there was no effort made at all. She even said, that's me done for the day now, I only need one. Hope she makes good use of her time and tidies the place up! She's a pretty girl, and friendly, but too much like a walk up parlour experience for me.

1 review(s) found for Tina~busty linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Shame you had a bad one 33, but at least you saved me some wedge because those tits got her onto my HL.  ;)

Pro$$ying with kids in the house! She needs a visit from Social Services.  :angry:

Shit. I just saw her on A/W and thought I better check on here first. She does look hot.
Have to say punting starting to depress me. Hard to find good ones.  :dash:

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