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Offline Neal69

Now I didn't know that I had a bucket list until recently. Then I thought you know isn't it strange that I have seen WG's of all ages from teens, 20's 30's 40's and 60's but no 50's.

and then I found this one.

https://www.adultwork.com/1547594 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxKyraxx

Hungarian too, another tick in the bucket list.

Spent £1.50 on the PG and yes she does look very good for a woman in her 50's great shape, and pretty too. Must have been a stunner in her youth.

No Tats or piercings too gets better all the time.

Anyway phoned up and got an hour booking for the evening £100, postcode texted straight away.

Mentioned in the profile that parking free parking is limited but a car park not far away. Checked google earth and sure enough this is correct. As it was evening I managed to park for free on the road.

Arrived and texted I was in her street and given the flat number straight away.

Its a converted house and an upstairs flat. Bedroom fit for purpose and bathroom clean. Nice mood lighting and candles.

Kyra is definitely the girl in the pics and as previously said is very well maintained and someone I would be proud to have on my arm.

Wearing a fluffy dressing gown which was taken off to reveal a small g string and bra with hold ups. Great body that a 20 year old would have been proud of lovely soft skin probably around the advertised age.

Once the paperwork was out of the way straight into DFK and proper DFK not pretend pecking of the lips.

She undressed me and I got her tits out and was having a good feel of her arse while we were stood up DFK ing.

She then laid me on my back and gave me OWO combined with a bit of hand action until I shot my load. Bugger me that was quick and we were only about 15 mins into the hour. I still had not got her knickers off.

Drink and then a massage was offered which I accepted. Her English is good if you speak slowly and clearly and we had a bit of a chat while she was massaging my back.

I then turned over to have a look at her and we were back into DFK again. Knickers off and I was giving her a good fingering while she was getting the little fella interested again.

Now I had noticed after making the booking that penetration was not on her enjoys list and quite a few of her field reports had not mentioned penetration so I was a bit unsure if this was on the menu or not  but as I had booked decide to go ahead with the punt anyway. I suppose I should have confirmed this but you live and learn.

Anyway with little Neal standing back up to attention and her pussy well lubricated I said I wanted to be inside her. Quick as a flash a condom was produced and she mounted me and rode me to completion so obviously penetration was on the menu.  :yahoo:

Time was just about up by now but there was no rushing out the door. Kiss and a hug before I left always a nice touch.


A pretty good punt and one that I would certainly recommend.

She has a great body with no stretch marks and I would say she has not had children. Her pussy is very tight and gets very wet. She is a very good looking woman and could pass for much younger than her advertised age of 52. The only thing that gives her age away is a slight sag in the tits but no more than I have seen in much younger women.

She did mention that she has to move out of her flat in August and will then be located in the high street so parking will probably be in a car park.

I think I will return and see her again.

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3 review(s) found for xxKyraxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

I saw Kyra a couple of times when she used to work in North London. I can't recall what age she was advertised as before, but if someone had told me she was 52 I would never have believed her. She is a fantastic wg regardless of her age. She gave a very different type of GFE - very slow and deliberate - and is a lovely person too.

I must make an effort to see her again!

Been looking at her for while and think ill now book her as shes local :) thanks for the review

Offline monstar

Thanks for the review Neal.  :hi:

She looks fantastic at 52!

I've added Kyra to my HL and I will definitely give her a visit if I'm nearby or may make a trip to the beach. :cool:

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