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Author Topic: How do you like your WG dressed when you arrive?  (Read 2690 times)


Real stockings and suspenders, not a big fan of holdups but will suffice if they dont have the real mcoy
I remember looking at my mums catalogues when i was a kid in the 60/70s and i have retained a fetish for them.
Some clothes to take off so you get in the mood.

Offline Knick

I'd like mine to wear a paper bag over her head.

Not really.

ive always had a thing for oriental girls. So far ive fucked between 140 and 150. I always insist they wear black stockings and nothing else no heels or anything . I always insist they go down on their knees when giving owo.

Tony Montana

Jeans, heels, tight white T-shirt.

That picture is awesome and so much more sexy than open leg shots.

That is the kind of girl that would earn me a slap and 2 days of the silent treatment from mrs lex if I saw her in public, but fuck me, it would be worth it.

Offline Strawberry

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Some men say they find jeans on a woman unfeminine. I say you'd not seen the right woman in jeans, or at least not the wearing the correct fit anyway!


Marilyn Monroe was reputably sexy in an old potato sack, not seen any photos but if you got it you got and will lo=k sexy in anything. Fat legs look shit in stocking BTW

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