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Author Topic: Reverse Bookings - Tips & Advice, Please?  (Read 480 times)

Hi everyone!

I'm a long time lurker, and I find myself a punt every month or so, but throughout my time here I've seen a lot of you talk about reverse bookings, especially that girls sometimes bid for much lower prices.

Would you recommend I start using reverse bookings? Any pros/cons you can mention for a rookie?

Thanks in advance?

One or two of my better punts have come from reverse bookings over the years.
IMO, It's important to keep the rate "realistic" otherwise no or crap replies! also say, roughly where you're staying, what type of girl you are looking for, i.e. Age, size, English, etc and an overview of the type of meeting you are looking for, I.e. GFE, PSE, etc. By doing this, it will reduce but not stop replies from those that you are not interested in seeing. I would also regularly delete the majority of replies, leaving just 2 or 3 of the more likely punts, which will encorouge more girls to reply as I've noticed leaving lots in the reply in the RB reduce the numbers of new replies. Then message the ones you like the look of and want to see. I also tend to save 2 or 2 of the finalists in a hot list for future visits with a note if they were offering a deal, reducing rates, etc, as they usually keep to it if you mention an earlier BR when booking. Hope this helps.

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i tried but no real takers and if only 1 crap wg replies your £2 fee is gone
worth a try but give a far amount of time before the meeting to get a chance of a ok offer coming in
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I have tried RBs, and I would suggest being prepared for quite a few responses which have clearly not read your requirements. I've had responses from WGs who are 20 years outside my stated age range, or obvious fatties when I have looked for a "slim" woman.
I've also had ones who, when I have searched for them on UKP, appear to have a history of bidding regularly but being unreliable.

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I had a bid from a bloke once, seemed like a nice chap but I didn't accept. Although some of the bids will be from some women who appear to be offering enormous reductions on their standard rates you may find that they bid on lots of auctions and rarely if ever actually see anyone at their full advertised rate (think DFS).

But if you are sensible RBs are great fun.

Yes, great advice from Stressfree.

I think it depends on what you are looking for - I have also had some of my best punts from RBs. I am usually looking for a longer booking/overnight. Suggest you put it up there 2 weeks before - you will get a flurry of replies in the first few hours then a trickle and then a ton on the day before or day of.

You may well get some profiles you had not spotted and you will find girls offering to share face pics with you. Some of the reductions in rates offered are amazing and, if you have good feedback, I think you will be impressed at what offers you get. I have also had girls accept an RB asking for filming and confirming they would do it despite it not being on the "likes". 

BUT....as noted before, be prepared to spend time weeding and screening the responses. If you like a bid, get them to confirm that they read an understood what you are asking for.

You might just end up with a great value punt and a couple of new favourites saved for the future! Yes, it costs two quid but on a longer encounter you can save that tens of times over.

Good luck and happy punting  :D

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