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Author Topic: Tunisian Massage .  (Read 1249 times)

So chaps took the Mrs for a week to Tunisia to posh hotel with a spa attached to the hotel .Me and the Mrs inevitably tried out the spa and had three treatments ending in a massage .Having had many naughty massages from around the midlands a very strange thing happened while me and the mrs were having our joint massage i had a very young Tunisian girl aged 20 and during the massage i got the feeling the way the massage was going that there was more to this girl the way she did my inner thighs,and i also lifted a leg or two so she knew i was interested but had to be discreet as the mrs was on the bed next to me .Well after the massage which by the way was one of the best id had my mrs went of for swim and the Tunisian girl said in very broken english for me to return without the mrs so next day booked in and asked for the same girl i also looked up some Tunisian ways and it was said as soon as you go in  place some money on the side and the girls no what you want ,well what an experience one of the best he ive ever had she got totally naked and was size 10 with fantastic boobs which she let me touch .I couldnt believe my luck i went back to my hotel room with a massive grin and im still smiling about it now just goes to show you dont need to speak the same language and it was by far the best he id had all for a £20 tip. .

Nice! Now that's the kind of information you want to see in a travel brochure!!

Offline Dodo

Well fuck me.....I went to Tunisia last year and all I got was the local hairy Olag who pummled me to death
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