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Author Topic: Daily Record non-sense  (Read 2087 times)

Offline JazzMan

Another classic from the Daily Record.

"They include women forced to have sex with dozens of men in a day and kept in line by their abusers with threats of witchcraft curses."

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Offline Tjkooker

32 out of 111 were sex related. So why is the entire article about the sex industry??? Typical top class journalism from our press. BigSur and his comrades must really sleep well at night.
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Offline RandyF

3 pages if this pish in todays paper (more tomorrow). Never read much, but the pictures are all ancient stock photos they dredge up whenever there's a story about saunas and sex trafficking.

Pretty shite even by the DRs standards....not that I'm against this notion of a few caravan loads of clatty stinky Gypo whores being send back where they came from....for there own sakes of course, only thinking about there wellbeing  :hi:
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Offline JazzMan

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Offline Minmatar

it's just one of the many reasons i avoid that paper in general

Offline Third Man

Anyone who actually buys the daily retard needs their head examined. Thinks it's the guardian of the nations morals. It's part of Scotland's problem going forward - trying to shake off old notions and prejuduces and become a modern country.

Offline leatherlover999

Are a lot of newspapers and media not owned by a few groups and thus the all have the same agendas.
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Offline Bluefin

Are a lot of neallowers and media not owned by a few groups and thus the all have the same agendas.
Yep they have a feminist agenda. This article is pure bollocks, written by a known feminist with absolutely no real life experience of the sex industry unlike most of us here!

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