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Author Topic: maggie21 - Earl's Court  (Read 1595 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1410053 or https://www.adultwork.com/maggie21
£140 for 1 hour incall (£10 extra for anal)

The first time I saw Maggie was in 2013, and i've tried couple times since but she's been booked.

Maggie tours around London, I think her usual base is in Croydon. I saw her in Earl's Court, very close to the station and i'm sure the apartments where is working from is well known to punters. Unfortunately the buzzer does not work, so I had to wait around outside for a little bit for her to come down to get me in 'normal' clothes (jeans and top), which I liked lot more than meeting girl in lingerie.

Maggie is tall, almost same height as me. Usually I don't go for tall girls but sometimes make an exception. She is as you see in her pictures. For me, she looked much better than in 2013. She has a new hairstyle that really suits her in my opinion.

Maggie is very friendly and bubbly, very easy to get along with. We caught up while I undressed for shower and she gave a nice groping of my dick through my boxers.
Into the bedroom, sat down beside her, and within the next minute she was undoing the towel from my waist and had knelt down to give me OWO. She went deep and has a large tongue stud which is used to good effect, all the while making sounds of enjoyment. I had to reach over and just grope her ass, and also admire her sucking away in the mirror.

Then it was my turn, some DFK before I had her lying on the bed and moaning loudly in pleasure. She is surprisingly flexible so I could push her legs back as well to give her bit of a rimming. There was a lot of writhing around, pushing her pussy against my face, and holding my head. I had also slipped my fingers in very easily. She then said she needed something hard inside her, and went to grab a dildo. While I was standing, she was sucking my dick and shoving her dildo in and out deep inside her.

Now it was my turn to fill her, she put the condom on with her mouth (skills!), and I had her stand over the bed, so I could fuck her furiously from behind. Funny thing was that the first time I slipped out of her pussy, she guided it into her arse, and I didn't even know until I slipped out again. No lube was required, and she is not tight back there, so you know that hole has seen a lot of action  :lol:
Change into missionary position, and more DFK while fucking that asshole. Strangely when I stopped fucking and was going for a re-position I came a lot! Maggie made a joke about what I did to her asshole and then went off to bathroom to freshen up.

We ended just chatting and catching up. She did grab my dick and ask if i had more energy for her, but when she went to get me more water, I wasnt too bothered.


- Very friendly and bubbly
- Enthusiastic sex and am pretty sure she definitely enjoys it as much as you do
- No lube required at all

- suppose only thing that may be looked at as neutral/negative is that her asshole is not tight, but that was not an issue for me

45 review(s) found for maggie21 linked to in above post (44 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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