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Author Topic: Anyone been here ?  (Read 579 times)


I really like the look of this one but no feedback in all that time has me worried.

Offline Sar-Major

I've seen the profile, looks good enough to eat!!!    :yahoo:

However on the down side, she's nearl 2 hour drive from me   :thumbsdown:   :thumbsdown:

 :hi:   :hi:

Offline daveev

been on nearly a year and no feed back, Hmmm

Online jarrovian

She does look good but I'm always suspicious when they have been on aw so long without feedback. If I'm using aw I always ask to go through the sites booking procedure and I  am sure I am not alone in this, so to have no feedback after a year seems strange to me

I look on adultwork weekly and ive never seen her profile before considering shes been on for 1 year

I have seen her profile a lot and I am very tempted but it is the total lack of feedback that is stopping me.

She looks quite nice in her verification pic

Yeah thats why I fancy having a go. Nice face pic.

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