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Author Topic: Bailey Benson Aldershot  (Read 2014 times)

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Offline Aramis

Met this one recently
1 hr incall £160

Comms - 10/10 . Booked online and the a few texts to confirm
Apartment 5/10.  No hot water , no shower , no heating (freezing cold)
Looks 5/10 this ones face has been ruined with surgery and place her at 30 yRs old
Body 6/10 tits are nice but didn't get to see much of it (see below)
Service 2/10

This girl has issues. Callous is the best word to describe her. She boasted about ripping Her camming customers off who pay £3pm or £4pm to watch her - she'd spend ages mucking about with her clothes on , flash a boob, and then when she is asked for more shed cut them off. She is manipulative and wants to talk through the hour. Had to ask her to get down to action to shut her up.
She spent 5 mins sucking me off to come which was fine but then expected to talk for the rest of the hour.

When I told her about the room being cold, she expected me to get dressed , so when I said no I mean let's carry on she laughed! 1st major warning sign. She then said I doubt whether you could do that again. Cheeky cow.
I tried to give her RO at which point she started laughing again.
I called the punt to a halt at this point because she clearly has no respect for her clients, she doesn't see them as clients and she fessed to not having had sex for over a year.
I can see why - she doesn't know how to treat people and has become seriously cold towards men.
I gave her respect , time and money and she respected none of these.

Steer clear guys.
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1 review(s) found for Baileybenson linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline TheCape

Shame, she was on my Hot List but at least I've saved a few quid. Thanks for the review.

Offline yuiop300

Thanks for the review.  What an absolute horror.

Offline thekman100

Bloody hell! She's off my Hot List!

Thanks for the heads up. That WAS going to be a treat one day. You've saved a mightily disappointing punt.

Down to Pompey to see Hayley I think will be my future treat. Just a hassle getting down there.

Offline Aramis

No problem guys.
She's going to continue ripping off camming customers because she can. Her words 'I don't care there's always more who will pay'
Couldn't believe how cold she was being with a paying client in front of her "shivering his nuts off!"
Best forgotten this punt  :bomb: :scare:

Offline Zeusthedoc

fuck me what a cunt  :thumbsdown:

words out of my mouth!

Maybe ask Admin to pin this top of the 'regional punting' in the SW (or wherever) area for a bit. just so that everyone can see how much of a vile cunt she is.
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Offline Ben4454

Off the hot list. Thanks pal. Sorry to hear of your bad punt.

Babestation in general are complete rip off merchants anyway. I remember being 19 years old and phoning up one of the girls. Basically it cost £15 in waiting times and then when you finally get through you're on the line and can hear the background noise but the girls are too stupid to know you are on the line and they just leave it on the bed not knowing anyone is on there. I have a feeling all of the so called conversations they are having are fake.
Not only this but this babestation company signed my phone up to a text service I did not sign up to. Basically I would get texts and once opened it cost me £2.50 a pop. I did not know this was happening until about a week later when they ripped about £20 off me.

I am not saying all babestation girls are like this but this just clarifies what i already knew.
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Offline Ben4454

Also just to say another point - There is one thing on her profile that is not there which instantly made me  think she might of been a bad punt. This was the fact that she does not have 'filming' as a like-list despite being a pornstar.

It makes me think that she doesn't want the world to see what a lousy punt she really is.
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