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Author Topic: Good but cheap cardiff?  (Read 492 times)

Is there any independent girls left in cardiff both good, and yet cheap?
Its been about 8-9 months now since being with an escort (and pretty much since I had any decent sexual contact for that matter) which is starting to drive me a bit nuts.
Trouble is, I cant find anyone thats a good price per hour. My usual range is £70-80ph, but most now seem to be in the £120+ range.

I lost my job last november so had been on jobseekers allowence up until end of Feb. I finally got a job, but after 4 days had an accident and have been signed off sick without pay since, hence why I want to stick around the £60-80ph mark..but what else can I do?
Parlours arent really an option as I dont do spontanious and like to have things planned out ahead.

Offline gallas15

 I seem to find you get pretty much what you pay for in this game mate.

I have yet to try it, but what about the reverse bid system?

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