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Author Topic: Small Magic 999  (Read 514 times)

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Offline Daveangel

Well after yesterday's episode of London's unluckiest punter the crap continues
After reading about Small Magic999 on here,I liked the look of her and even though I said I would not jump on the punting wagon for a while,well needs must and I booked some time with her for 9pm
Exchanging messages,location,door number,I'm at the door
Get inside and asked to go to the back,then a lady arrives and tells me that she is busy ,would I like another girl
Can you believe this crap,if she's not available why text me that she is?
Why agree the appointment?
You've got my mobile number,why not text me BEFORE my journey!!!?
Walked right out after I made my very clear point of not eating my time as I've no time for idiots
Time wasters

Offline pumps

Can't say I'm surprised really. This grade of service provider will usually always get up to these shenanigans. I had better luck.

Plan b?

Offline Daveangel

No plan b
Two days in a row and two days worth of crap,going to try to find a decent girl at a reasonable price with no messing around tomorrow
Someone sent me a message with a few recommendations ,if anyone else has any then please feel free to pm me
It can not be three days in a row for Christs sake surely!!!?

Sorry you're having such a frustrating time of it DA. I'll try to help if I can. To help me do that please let me know what areas you're prepared to travel to, your price range and for the girl describe the age range, body type and services that are must haves.

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