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Author Topic: Overnight punt  (Read 929 times)

Offline alchemist

I was wondering if anyone has done an overnight punt before.  I quite like the thought of this and with the right girl and if my stamina keeps pace with my mind it could offer good value and a fun experience

I appreciate it depends on the girl and I would only look to do this with someone I've seen before and feel like we've got on well. It would also have to be at their place.

So my question to anyone who has done an overnight is, was it worth the money, how did your time play out and would you do it again?

Offline SirFrank

I've never done an overnighter and it holds no interest to me and makes no financial sense whatsoever. However, if it's something you want to do, I suggest you do it with a girl you have met before and feel comfortable with. It's one thing finding there's no chemistry on a 1 hour punt, it's something else when she's turned up for a sleepover!
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Offline Captain Caveman

Overnights are the Marmite of punting - some guys hate the idea but others love them.

I have done overnights with a regular (and got a good discount) and it was very much a GFE exercise.

Go out, have some drinks, clubbing, pop into a lap-dance club (she's bi), get something to eat or pick up a takeaway, and head back to hers.

Then it would be on with some porn and a private lap-dance (my regular is an ex-Spearmint Rhino girl) and then head to the bedroom for sex.

Then sleep in spoons, morning sex and shower together, breakfast in bed and then go home.

I know the standard objection to overnights is 'I won't pay a girl to sleep' but really you are not paying the girl to sleep - you are paying to sleep with her.

If that idea appeals, I would say go for it.

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Offline alchemist

Thanks CC.  Overnight does sound appealing but definately only with a girl seen on a regular basis

I can see why it's not for everyone but its a twist to my usual punts which I think would be a lot of fun.

Offline aardvark

Bottom burps would be my concern.  Not keen on the prospect of waking up to discover that I had asphyxiated her overnight - brings a new dimension  to a morning stiffy!

Offline slavealan75

Love to do an overnight but as I snore like a warthog it hardly seems fair

Offline spkmstr48


Did one, enjoyed it, got to tick it off the virtual bucket list.

I'd say decide what you want to do during the time, find the right girl, tell her what you expect and agree a price.

I'm amazed at how many girls have a fixed price for this.
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Offline alchemist

Thanks for all the replies.  An overnight does appeal so I've taken the plunge and booked an overnight with little Katie next month.  It should be fun but either way it's one experience ticked off my punting bucket list.  As advised I'll give how I want the meet to go some thought over the coming weeks.  Let's hope my body can keep up with my mind!

Ahh.. If it's LK that's a slightly different proposition!

I have had varied overnight experiences, however, having met LK, I know an overnight with LK will be amazing!  :rolleyes:

I'm embarrassed at myself when I wake up, so I would never force it on anyone other than Mrs H, no matter if I was paying..... :wacko:

Offline alchemist

I've seen LK lots of times b4 and she's always great so I'm hoping she will be a fun girl to overnight with

I think your proposed overnight with LK is about as close to a guaranteed good time as is possible, especially if you have seen her before.

I can't imagine many girls would be better

Offline Topgun

The main reason I do overnights is to show off in public. I love turning up to a restaurant with her dressed in some tight mini dress and high heels showing off her gorgeous fit figure with her stocking tops showing when she's sat down at the table next to me. And seeing the waiters faces drop in a "holy shit she's seriously stunning!" kind of way and other men checking her out with their wives/girlfriends looking jealously how glamorous (slutty?) she is, knowing I've only just fucked her and will be fucking her again tonight, and knowing she's out of my league.. how lucky I feel being able to afford her.. a girl out of my league.

However, some WG's are not really into overnight's even though they advertise it - a bad apple for us punters. But when you do find a really good WG who obviously enjoys the whole situation... its such an amazing experience - personally its better than any loving experience I've had with previous girlfriends, who were quite boring in comparison.
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Offline spkmstr48

Aha, an overnight with the girl who is turning the whole SW fluffy!

You lucky b*****d.

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Tony Montana

I'm embarrassed at myself when I wake up, so I would never force it on anyone other than Mrs H, no matter if I was paying..... :wacko:

True, the dogbreath, stinking out the toilet, that huge fart that accompanies the first wee of the day. Why would you pay a girl for that?

Offline Topgun

True, the dogbreath, stinking out the toilet, that huge fart that accompanies the first wee of the day. Why would you pay a girl for that?
Depends if it was a long awaited fanny fart
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