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Author Topic: Erotic Cinema Arnhem  (Read 996 times)

Offline Jerboa

As I type this I'm sat in my hotel room in Kaarst Düsseldorf, this afternoon I spent four hours at the porno cinema in Arnhem, a new Dutch pornstar Natalie Hardcore was doing a gangbang 12-16h all for the total sum of €50, the cinema is a first floor of a sex shop, lockers were available but bring a towel, up in the cinema the layout is a long corridor with a couple of porn rooms showing films, at the end of the corridor which I missed at first is a larger playroom with a bed on a raised platform, this is where the action took place.

Natalie was running 10 minutes late, but she was worth the wait, a sexy looking Dutch woman, large fake tits, maybe to many tattoos for some, slim body, she was very friendly and bubbly, not up her own arse or withdrawn as some can be, though I had no idea what was said, as everyone except me spoke Dutch, but this didn't stop me from participating. Anyone who's been to The Private Club in Aston, well this party ran similarly, Natalie on the bed surrounded by the guys, giving them oral and condoms on for sex, I'd guess there was around 20 men at the start, but to be fair everyone was polite and all got their turn. I would return to the cinema, and see Natalie again.


Tomorrow I will attend a party at the nearby Farell Lounge in Kaarst, 5 girls 6 hours, all inclusive.

Offline bbj1980

Brilliant, im so very jealous

Offline vt

Ja, lekker!!  :D

A vid of Nathalie in action here...


Bizarre set of tats, but otherwise attractive...and looks like a goer!!  :thumbsup:
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Offline Jerboa

I'm considering a return to Arnhem next Tuesday, as Wendy Somer will be there.

Offline cmanc

cheers mate, some really useful info from you.

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