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Author Topic: Samanta sweetgirl - Swansea  (Read 1090 times)

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Been looking at Samanta profile for some time but thought it was a private photo scam profile or bait and switch, but for £60 for 30 mins decided to give her a try.

Tried to contact on email a number of times but Samanta never replies so made contact on phone, the lady answered the phone and I struggled to hear her with the loud noise of a male talking in the background (probably Romanian), she said the was in Coventry, then I explained her AW profile states location as Swansea..... She then said yes I am in Wales!  I explained what services I was looking for DFK, Owo, and anal in 30min visit, which she said yes no problem and is included in price.

Arranged visit and she text me area as St Helens Avenue, Swansea then text me house number when I confirmed I arrived in street.  Parking is mainly for residents only so give yourself time to find somewhere to park.

Property is a mid terrace house, knocked on the door and Samanta quickly arrived at the door and invited me in and straight up to the bedroom which had a single bed, small wardrobe and small sideboard.

Samanta is real and is the girl in the pictures  :yahoo:(Romanian) she is very pretty.... Probably 5'6", size 6/8 with a very slim body and small ass but has lovely large natural breasts.  She was dressed in leggings and tight fitting T shirt which made her breasts look big on a very slim body.

She asked what service I wanted, I said 30mins and quickly she said ok I can only do Oral With condom and sex in missionary position, although I was disappointed that the services were not as discussed in advance and were limited... I was still very pleased that it was the girl in the photos and she is very pretty. 

Paperwork exchanged and Samanta left the room and returned within a minute and undressed, she has lovely breasts and are very big for such a slim petite girl.  I had protected hand job, protected oral, I could play with pussy but no fingers, we then moved onto protected sex.

The service was short and mechanical, even though the services are not as agreed I am still giving a posite feebaback as her breasts and how pretty she is made up for the lack of services.

She has been in the UK for about a 10 months and been is Swansea for the last 3 months.

It's definitely not a GFE or PSE but I would visit again.

1 review(s) found for samanta sweetgirl linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

you were lucky, if you get wood issues like me sometimes for lack of touching etc then you'd be  :manhater: sounds like a typical Roma though, why are they like that all the time, are their families held to ransom or something if they don't work

The majority of Romanians come across that it's not something they enjoy but something that have to do, can picture the round the table conversation each day. 
I have been given £££ today and did not smile once, I told the punters I will do dfk, owo, cim and anal and I don't do any of these services so didn't do any of them apart from doing their cash... Good you keep the tradition going and try and get more ££££ tommorrow.... These UK people will throw their cash away... And I will get it! :dance: :coolgirl: :dance:

Offline HughJardon

Like many Roma ladies theyve got everything going for them looks, Tits great bodies, but the 1 thing that counts is the attitude.

Give me a half decent looking bird with great attitude over a 10 whos arrogant and acts as spoilt as Miley Cyrus on the blob.

Well done for taking the plunge mate as there was a lot of interest in her

So true.. so much potential but piss poor service.. I have only met about 3 that have take it like a trooper and 1 of those even took it in the shitter with no complaints even though she was squinting when I pounded her arse.  Last 8 months been giving them a miss and sticking to what I know.. even though there are some pretty hot looking minjes on AW in the Diff area.

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