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Author Topic: The most contemptible of prostitutes,,,,,  (Read 1163 times)

Offline Matium

,,,,,are those that mock a punter whilst being only too happy to take his money.

This one being a clear example:

A couple of years ago I visited a WG about a week before Xmas and the talk turned to what the plans were for Christmas and what not.  She told me that she had a guy booked in for an overnighter from down south, she was in Edinburgh, he was flying up Xmas eve, hotel for the night and then heading out with her xmas day and over night.  She was taking the piss out of him, saying how he was paying a fortune for it and was a bit of a "saddo" etc, I just kind of thought, if you are that desperate for his cash, willing to take the piss out of him then miss out on Christmas day yourself then I think you're even sadder than the poor sap you're fleecing!

Obviously, that girl went to the Gerald Ratner School of Business.

Having contempt for your customers is one of the attributes of the Sisterhood.

Offline kizzie

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That's just horrible. People are alone at Christmas for all sorts of reasons, or maybe its a choice. Either way got to give you this one, spot on. Contemptible. I dislike that attitude because it really plays into the hands of 'prossie haters'. 

Offline AnthG

he was flying up Xmas eve, hotel for the night and then heading out

Guy doesn't sound too sad to me. Guy sounds he is pretty successful to fly up from down south to Edinborough to spend the night in a hotel with an Escort.

Its annoying when you see Escorts ridicule punters. They should not do it.

Yes, I agree. I am pleased to see it is not an attitude that is overly present among WGs. I knew a few in the midlands (not as a punter), all of them were street girls, coerced :diablo:  into it by so called friends in need or feeding a drug habit.

Since I have only started punting recently :yahoo: the girls I have met, and those who have responded to contact :thumbsup:  have been very pleasant and polite :rose:


Thats why loads of communication up front is a must. I have had a couple of near misses with the same type  man hating bitches.
Kinky sadie from Burton got a massive kick out of me travelling a long distance to see her. Her ethos was the further they travel the better they think SHE is. :P

Offline Ali Katt

Having contempt for your customers is one of the attributes of the Sisterhood.
A lot has been said on the subject already but to go to the lengths of setting up a website to belittle punters, and escorts, as well is a step backwards. I'm not convinced any of da sisters do good business and are about as funny as a cat with a strangled hernia. I don't read the site, ukpunting.co.uk or auto-censored message boards as I gain nothing from it and can think of better ways of wasting time.

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