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Author Topic: risky business (not tom cruise)  (Read 952 times)

hi guys

going to book a punt thru diamonds with Chelsea at the staithes in Gateshead

im quite new to the north east

I know the estate is quite large

problem is  friends of relatives live there, can someone point me in the direction as to where the diamonds flat is situated

north side, stephenson,area could be a problem for me

thanks guys

Offline Uniformad

If you think it may be to close maybe you should just go for another girl.

thanks uniformad

turns out it was nowhere near anyone

knob at diamonds put me off

got sorted now thru A.W

Offline AnthG

Just to mention for Chelsea I am pretty certain its her own home you will be going to an not a Diamonds owned flat.

I think she is also on AW too so you could book her direct if you had an issue of going through Diamonds.

Didn't she go under the name of Rhianon a few years ago?

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