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Author Topic: What Services Are Essential To You?  (Read 983 times)

Offline Sonny Crockett

Services that are a must for me are kissing, OWO, face sitting, giving rimming and to me the most important of all........... Anal!!!!
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For longer punts, CIM, DFK, RO. Anal a plus but not that bothered - I always find the idea is more exciting than the reality.
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Offline DG

OWO is a must, preferably with CIM. Swallow is always a bonus but never a deal breaker. I do like a good Facial as well but the biggest disappointment in any punt is lack of DFK, afterall that's what I would expect from my girlfriend so it should be top of the list for GFE.
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My the most important essential services are FK, OWO, RO and penetration. Then i would say CIM and swallow  :hi:

Kissing Ideally Fk but more than okay with plain lip to lip as long as some enthuiasm is involved Prefer OWO but can live with covered if the Oral is good.Must enjoy Reverse Oral generally like a nice spot of Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl Tend to avoid Missionary as well i dont last long this way.All in all girls attitude is more important to me than a certain look although generally prefer brunettes with a few curves.

Offline 306

The standard routine is DFK -> OWO -> RO -> sex
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My requirements have moved on the more I have punted.

GFE --> PSE (combined)
Lots of reverse oral
Tie and Tease with BDSM factored in.
Sub role and/or Dom role depending on the WG.

A good session rolls any of these into one session as I tend to book longer to enjoy them.

Offline Siadwel

Nakedness. No clothing at all, not even silly little thongs that can be moved out of the way. The only clothing I don't mind on her (whoever) is stockings.

OWO and CIM are pretty much deal-breakers. Swallowing is on the bucket list as is snowballing and yet to do a proper facial, as in wanking over a girl's face as opposed to the girl wanking or blowing me and not dodging out the way quick enough. Reverse Oral, maybe some anal finger play on her, no big deal if not available, but not deep and no full anal sex. Condom or not, I ain't sticking mine up anyone's arse. I've found out the last couple of months that I quite like a bit of tie & tease and I'm beginning to trust being blindfolded for a few minutes. Don't go anywhere near my asshole with fingers, tongues or any foreign objects. Just don't. I've had a couple of tit-wanks. Meh, is all I can say to those.

Fucking at least once, preferably in mish.

No pretention. She's not a 'courtesan' and I'm not a 'client'. She's a whore and I'm a john. I'm there to pay her money for a fuck and she's there to fuck me for money. If we end up liking each other a little bit, too bad.

Lastly, somewhere at least as clean, warm and tidy as my own home, secure, in a safe area of wherever. A shower, a laugh, a Good Time, a coffee and most important of all, two-way respect.

 I would say OWO but if other services I need are there I will accept OW.  French kissing is a must, as is rubbing and fingering.  I usually look for a range that I can chose from depending on my mood.  There are times when I want filming, watersports, spanking on her and I am getting more interested in BDSM now.

Offline Topgun

DFK and vaginal sex are a must.

OWO preferred, not interested in OW. If she allows swallow I'm happy to pay £20 extra for it.

and recently I've taken a liking to having my balls licked and sucked for long duration, lol
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Offline Marmite

None. I used to think OWO and DFK were essential, but now I would say that no particular service is essential to me as long as she advertises which services she does, so I can make a decision whether to visit her or not.

Absolutely spot on.  My tastes vary between vanilla and BDSM so a correct likes/services list is essential.

Offline socks

I don't have any absolutes but the biggest draw for me is filming.

Offline mf_1101

OWO - If I book a girl it is on the basis that OWO is expected. The one review I made I was actually quite annoyed as she lay on top of me with her tits in my face when she said she wouldn't do it unless I paid extra. I am sure the more experienced punters here would have pushed her off and demanded their money back, but not me, I was tempted though.

I don't like covered Oral.

Facial/CIM is nice too, I like to dispense my load somewhere I can look at post-punt and have a whack over the knowledge it happened.  ;)

Offline cueball

For me snogging is essential. I much prefer owo too, I can handle covered oral but any lass that don't do owo will only see me the once. I don't even book lasses that don't kiss.

DFK, OWO, fingering allowed, sex in any positions I choose and anal on the odd occasion I fancy it.

Just DFK really... everything else is optional... it happens it happens..maybe I'm easily pleased...? If I go with a plan I'm invariably sidetracked.. ;)

Offline Largs43

She has to offer CIM or Spanking (receiving) to get my booking.

Many girls offer one or the other, both is ideal of course!

CIM (at discretion) instead of CIM is a bit of a gamble but so far I've never been refused when "at discretion" was offered.

Offline spkmstr48

Anything from a standard 30 minutes OW and fuck to a full on extended BDSM session, depends on my mood really.

However, I will tend to form a "regular" relationship for BDSM but mostly see a girl only once for vanilla, the variety replacing the kinky.

 :drinks: :diablo: :lol:
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My one and only punt (before I joined this site) had all 3 on her likes list but did I get them? Did I bollocks!

My oral hygiene was great because I'd brushed my teeth and used Listerine pre-punt. However, I asked to shower when I arrived and, because she couldn't get the hot water running, my wash was declined so I'm presuming she concluded I was unclean and gave me limited service.

OWO and DFK but I'm now leaning towards CIM which is annoying as I'll have to cut out a couple of regs who I'm quite fluffy over.

Offline wolfdancer

DFK, OWO, RO and sex are must

CIM is nice as is facial. Anal is good when I want it

Getting into exploring my Dom side so sub or bsdm is now on the list of musts when I am in the mood for it. I am lucky that one of my regulars is a switch so can be sub or dom. Another regular has discovered she likes to be sub after a recent  meeting so we are going to explore boundaries together.

Offline Diehard

Almost all of us want DFK......Id say only 10 percent of escorts do it properly and that fucks me off as to say it is too personal when they suck thousands of cocks is utter fucking bull shit.

Offline jake_6969

I'm not that fussed about DFK, I don't know what's been in that gob before I got there.

CIM or COF are my deal breakers. Anal or A play are normally on my shopping list. Toys if poss too.

Stockings & suspenders, OWO, RO, deep throat, CIM, swallow or facial, big natural tits, dirty talk.

DFK -> OWO -> RO -> sex
This, however, I also prefer the girl to be fully naked at some point during the punt. Also as an older guy, I prefer to punt with women who are no older than 35 (this equates to 30 in adultwork.com years  :hi:).

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