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Author Topic: oral vaginal or anal  (Read 1947 times)

Offline Greedo

oral and vaginal only for me.... no interest at all in going up anyone else's shitter or indeed anyone putting anything up mine -  one way traffic only up there  :scare:

Offline broksonic

Banning reason: White-knight leaver

Slow deep sensual oral, varied speed  or crazy pounding vaginal, anal pounding in that order :)

Never fucked a girl in the ass before punting. It's pleasurable but it's not as great as OWO + CIM and pussy feels better. A levels are all about the view and the taboo of it for me.
Basically it's all good :D

anything else is starting to get a bit silly (armpit, anyone?)


back of the knee

on a serious not oral prefer to blow right down the back of her throat and in between those tits cant beat a good titfucking

Offline davidgood

I still love going to parties, at least once a week, sometimes twice so I get plenty of straight oral and vaginal fun.

Therefore for 1 to 1s I want something a bit different and more spicy so that usually involves anal.

I just been on a bit of an international anal fest over the past couple of weeks.

On Tuesday of last week I tried a mature Romanian, on Thursday a double round with a Canadian girl. This Monday gone it was a youngish Hungarian then today, up in the Midlands I had the pleasure of a young Polish girl with a tight bum.

Friday it is back to partying and then I am thinking about next week. Could be an old friend English lady or I might try another Romanian or Hungarian as the Polish girls in North London seem to be so busy with guys who do not even want anal!!!



Offline webpunter

Can I add Hand Job to the options. My most intense orgasms are from a good hand job. Fanny with a condom does little for me.
+1 for me too - like 'Run Forrest'
Cowgirl / reverse done properly by a v.fit babe ups the intensity on the bell-end
I like a HJ / tit-wank combo - alternating between the two
When done properly then it is seamless between changeover
Great for edging

Offline pierrot

I dont punt to a script I just like tosee where it goes at the time.

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