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Author Topic: Live news from the Eastern Front  (Read 472 times)

Offline spkmstr48

Sexhaus 22, Leipzig

Small bar at street level, small beer at 4 Eur. 1or two of the girls sometimes come to the bar if bored.

7 girls over 4 floors, gotta love them stairs!

Girl 1 - Michelle - Hungarian, est. Late thirties, porn star look and experience. No OWO, RO or DFK (all available as extras, didn't ask how much. Did allow vigorous fingering of clit) - Positive.

Girl 2 - Christine - Hungarian early thirties - same service as above but no fingering - newbie - dry pussy, no lube - after sent Michelle to have a word - Neutral

Girl 3 - Andrea - mid thirties - Hungarian - maximum positions, minimum effort, got into a bit of a 2 x doms power struggle, what can I say, I like a challenge. Seemed to enjoy her head over the side of the bed (wooden frame) and my hand and weight on the back of her neck whilst taking her in doggy. Claimed time was up and ended up wanking into a wipe (liar). Perhaps the spanking was too much? (rhetorical question, I know, OK). Positive and Negative but definitely not Neutral, left angry.

In conclusion, 3 average looking girls offering wildly differing experiences for 50Eur each for 30 minutes, first two overran.

Would I return? Not a chance, was it what I was after, you bet it was!
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Offline spkmstr48

Sub plot

Went to a pub first, wasn't too sure where the bordell was so asked girl behind bar for directions to the street it's on. She led me to the front entrance, gave directions and said bye. I said I had to go back inside for a pee first. She giggled and said "good idea". She knew exactly where I was going! Different world here!
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

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