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Author Topic: Hot Ameera (Euston) Great sex/bad smoker's breath  (Read 3220 times)

77 review(s) for Hot Ameera (76 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

No one could argue with your rating of your punt. I never noticed any smell of smoke on her when I met her. It would have certainly put me off her as I don't like it at all. Her recent price increase has put me off seeing her again. Lots of girls recently have jumped on this bandwagon and moved from being VFM to the level where I have to decide between them and the other talent out there.

Offline fredpunter

Im actually glad you touched up upon this! I punted with her a few weeks ago but she didnt live up to all the this hype about her. Her oral skills, kissing and friendliness can not be criticised however in regards to the sex it wasnt anything special and she wasnt that tight. Someone mentioned here that everyone takes something different from each punt which is very true but lets put it that i was perhaps expecting a lot more. When i know I can see my regular who seems to be getting a lot of positives recently can provide a much better service for less, it does not make sense to see someone where satisfaction is not guarenteed. It wasnt an all round good punt but i would like to visit her again hoping it would be better.

Care to review your regular?

Tony Montana

I saw a girl yesterday who confessed to being a heavy smoker and I could taste traces of it when kissing her but it reminded me of my younger days out on the pull in nightclubs where the taste of smoke in a kiss often went along with a girl of looser morals.  So I didn't really mind despite not being a smoker myself.

Offline monstar

Thanks for the review StarPower.  :hi:

No genuine and honest punter should hesitate posting a neutral or negative for UKP 'favourites' and the replies have confirmed that. I think we all understand preferences and experiences vary and "white knights" are often correctly called out. :thumbsup:

Regarding the smoking taste, I've kissed a girl who pleaded she hadn't smoked a cig for hours but I could taste it on her. Another girl smoked one in front of me during my recharge period, took a quick mouthwash and there was no trace!  :unknown:

FFS. Come on, someone call me a cunt. Hornydevil, you're my last hope.

Seriously though, I appreciate the comments. I think it's years of posting on other forums that weren't so punter-friendly that caused me to be a bit wary of posting a review that goes against the grain.

Hi Starpoint

Why should I call you a cunt or are you trying to bait me.

You have posted a fair review based on your personal experience with Ameera. I have no reason to call you a cunt

From her previous reviews on here it is a known fact she smokes, personally it does not bother me. If smokers breath bothered you I'm sure if you pointed it out to Ameera she would have gone and freshened up and not bitten your cock off. (Joke)

As regards her rimming, Why the fuss? She provides a service provided by other girls including Dee, English Lucy, Lindsey_xxx to name a few. Miss KDD and Kinky Dirty Bitch rim also.

Ameera is my favourite regular, I don't deny the fact. She has raised her price. Her decision which she has to live by.

If her phone goes quiet then she will have to rethink but if not the then there are plenty of other girls out there for punters to spend their dosh on.

HD :diablo:

Not trying to bait you. It was a joke. Jesus.  :dash:

Not trying to bait you. It was a joke. Jesus.  :dash:

No worries Starpoint  :hi:

Happy Punting.


Have read this thread with interest as I have a threesome planned with Hot Ameera and Lindsey on the 08 Apr 15.

I respect the reviewer's opinion and report on his experience. Provided it's an honest report, each reviewer has to tell it how it was for them on the day in question - and give their personal rating, whatever that is.

I will be going ahead with my meet. My reasoning is that:

Hot Ameera has had excellent service reviews on here by respected ukp members, an escort wouldn't receive that type of fb unless they are good at what they do;
Some of my punts are with smokers and they have not been an issue to me - I am not expecting Hot Ameera's service to give me an issue in this respect (I am a non smoker);
Lindsey and Hot Ameera are friends - Lindsey is a high quality escort and I can't imagine she would be mates with someone providing a poor service i.e. with smoky breath, especially as she is a non smoker.

I get the price rise concerns, I guess that's one for London market forces/Hot Ameera to sort out, as HD mentioned. :thumbsup:

a few days back on an ameera review thread i was pretty much the only voice querying her value at her new rates,things do change quickly in the world of ukpunting!

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