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Author Topic: Honeyminx, Canterbury  (Read 1203 times)

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Offline od13218

Here's the link: https://www.adultwork.com/1533817 or https://www.adultwork.com/Honeyminx

Summary: very interesting punt, took a little while to warm up as she seemed a little anxious at first, but developed into a *very* hot mixed session with a little light BDSM which left us both with a big smile. Would I go back? Definitely.

I found myself with a couple of hours to spare in Canterbury today, and decided to give Honeyminx a go; I'd seen one fairly good review here, her profile had an interesting mix of likes, including a little bondage which I fancied, and although she's not my more usual BBW type she had a nice-looking body in the pics and at 80 for the hour she seemed worth a try.

I called at lunchtime to fix a late afternoon meeting; comms were OK (she's English) but a little confusing as I was calling from a noisy street (only option!) with patchy reception  - but in the end we understood each other and a time was fixed. She seemed unduly nervous of giving the actual postcode, preferring to give me the code for a nearby landmark and asking me to call again from there - which was another noisy spot with patchy reception! But eventually I was at her door and she let me in with a kiss to an absolutely lovely house which was immaculate, cozy and warm, with a luxury feel about it.

Her pics are spot on, she has a lovely, slim, firm body and generous natural breasts; her face is cute if not everyone's ideal of beautiful - as it happens she reminded me of a colleague I've always fancied, so that helped! She is early 40s (like me!) but clearly looks after herself. She was dressed in a sexy pink sort of nurse's uniform which showed off her lovely cleavage and gave me a great view of her stocking tops as she led me upstairs...

Paperwork done, we headed upstairs; I was offered a shower, which I gratefully took as the walk had been a little longer than I'd expected (I'd recommend driving if possible, or a cab: 25 mins from the city centre on foot). The bathroom is lovely - even has underfloor heating! She didn't get in with me but did help soap me up and paid special attention to my cock, balls and arse - she seemed to be especially thorough with the latter which I certainly didn't discourage her from as I thought (rightly as it turned out) that she might venture there later (another little kink of mine).
She did seem a little anxious about keeping the place nice (didn't want me to drip water everywhere) and about noise (worried about the neighbours- it is a residential area) which was ever so slightly off-putting but she did relax eventually. In the equally luxurious bedroom we started with a massage (my request - genuinely needed!) which soon gravitated to between my legs. Not bad technique but nothing special - nonetheless I was happy, and all the more so when she offered prostrate and started to probe with her fingers while grabbing my balls and squeezing. Now I was seriously hard and she had obviously picked up that I was happy to let her take charge, as the next thing to come out was the blindfold and handcuffs -  :yahoo: - my day was shaping up nicely!
A little spanking and more fingering, and after some lovely body-to-body where I felt her pendulous tits with nipples clearly erect rubbing me from tip to toe, she asked me to turn over. Some tantalising FK interspersed with nipple licking and biting (at my encouragement) led to more fingering (on me!) and even a small dildo while she sucked me (OW only but I'm happy with that - not a deal breaker for me, in fact I worry about the risk, so I don't even ask). At this stage I was ready to pop but she eased off with some more tit-rubbing.
Eventually the cuffs came off so that she could lie back and have me finger her  - she brought out a big dildo which I fucked her with while she rubbed her clit - she seemed quite tight and sensitive and by now really turned on. Finally I got to fuck her and by this stage I could only last about a minute - there's something about the sight of a girl who's genuinely horny (well she may have been acting but if so she was bloody good!) that accelerates the whole process for me, and a couple of minutes later I was collapsed in a sweaty heap beside her, and she cuddled in seemingly genuinely satisfied (though she didn't cum herself) and we enjoyed a fondle and a chat until time was up. She wasn't a clock watcher - I initiated departure as I had a train to catch.
Having arrived a little flustered and felt ever so slightly awkward at the beginning, I was leaving walking on air after every box had been ticked for me.
Quirky but in the end ideal for me - would definitely go back next time I'm in the area.

3 review(s) found for Honeyminx4U linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Kentpunt

glad to hear you had a good time with her, she really does look great

YES she looks great.
 Unless you are into genuine contempt I would not recommend. Very bad attitude IMHO.
 Worst punt I've had.

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