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Author Topic: BLONDE LARA - good A level and general service  (Read 3616 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1830028  https://www.adultwork.com/BLONDE+LARA

So after a week of painful rejections from non-wg's, I decided to cheer myself up with a cheap punt.

I chose Lara because I was feeling lazy and she was in my area, she does A levels, and her profile says she is english.

When I got there, I could tell straight away she wasn't english (she later told me she's Hungarian). However, she greeted me with a nice smile and shook my hand -off to a good start. She is the girl in the main pictures - but definitely not the girl in the gallery. She's actually a bit heavier than in the photos and had a bit of a gut, but I expected this considering the price. She is definitely not 24 - hard to tell how old, but probably closer to 34.

Gave her the cash and got down to business. She gave me uncovered oral for ages, I fucked her missionary and doggie style before doing doggie anal. She fingered herself during the anal, it was probably just for show but it was a nice touch.

She took the anal fucking like a champ, obviously has lots of experience doing it. Finished by fucking her tits (which are MASSIVE) and shooting on her face. She spoiled it slightly by putting her hand up, but I still managed to coat her nicely, which she didn't seem to mind.

Chatted for 20 minutes before round two - even though her English isn't great she was a good conversation and could talk openly about herself. After a while she started trying to get me hard again - I didn't even have to ask her. Brilliant.

Round 2 was just oral, she was very patient as it took me a while to finish.

Lara isn't the hottest, but she made up for it with the service. She was totally professional and made me feel very relaxed. After my last punt, which was an absolute nightmare, I had mixed feelings about seeing escorts again. I have to say Lara restored my faith in wg's.

I left feeling nicely cheered up. Would recommend her.

Price was £80 for the hour, £20 extra for A levels.


1 review(s) found for BLONDE LARA linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline davidgood

Thank you for a good review Honestperv and bringing another anal girl to our attention.

Keep up the good work.



Offline jamesdoug

After long time not punting I wanted to try her but she didn't pick my call... no reply to text... nothing...

Offline Hermar

It's been a while already but thanks for the review! Was FK on offer ? She seems like ok VFM considering she does anal !
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Offline jamesdoug

She was in Bow for 80 quid ph, then 120 quid per hour in Canary Wharf and now back to Bow... all this happened in 2-3 weeks...
I phoned her 2 weeks ago and she didn't answer, then she sent a text the day after saying this is my address text me when you are there... without asking how long, when etc.

It doesn't sound very reliable to me but I am glad someone had a good punt  :)

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