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Author Topic: xxxxjennyxxxx - durham girl  (Read 1670 times)

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Offline daveev

hi guys, a must see girl in durham is jenny
sexy lil tight cunt and sucks real good, great kisser and cute lil bum, lovely personality a must see girl if you are in the durham area, have fun and treat her nice

Offline Jacob

Just changed her name to xxxxjennyxxxx.

Offline daveev

Another meet with jenny last night, with her heels on i look up to her, kisses as she comes in the room, seen a good few time now and we sit and chat about a few things happening in her life, then more kisses and tell her to strip naked for me, love to see her like that, then more kissing and stroking, teasing her body not touching fully,  just stroking gently close to her clit and nipples, then just got to go down on her sucking at her clit pushing her legs back, then back for more kissing and finger fucking her, she knows what i want more than anything, i'm only Mr average down there but jenny tries her hardest as i tell her to feed it down her throat, holding her long hair back and pushing down, you can feel her tongue helping my cock go further down, i think i could just have this done for the hour, then i get her on her knees with her sexy bum pushed up before fucking her like this, but even with the blue pill i struggle not to cum so have to pull out for more clit sucking till i make her bald lil cunt cream for me, then finish off with her on the sofa legs held back kissing as i fuck her hard, she is a great girl and lovely personality so if you are looking for a nice clean girl give jenny a buzz im sure you will be pleased, i always am  ;)

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