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Author Topic: Stacy - Bayswater - Invasian Escorts  (Read 777 times)

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£140 for 1 hour incall (£10 discount for leaving review last time used agency)

I had been planning to see Sherbert, but after a number of comments on the other forum regarding her body and enthusiasm, I went for Stacy. Unfortunately this made my level of expectation high, I was expecting a body on the level of some of those amazingly hot asian pornstars out there. Anyway...

Flat is minute or so away from either Bayswater or Queensway tube stations. Entrance is next to a shop. The not so discrete thing, was me ringing the bell with no answer so had to ring the agency for them to contact Stacy to let me in. Apparently the bell does not work sometimes.
It's one of those typical places which has been squashed in, so it looks narrow and grim, but once inside the flat, it is nice and warm. It is just one room with ensuite bathroom.

Photos are obviously glamoured and photoshopped, you're not going to meet a thai woman with grey or whatever eyes are in the pictures. Facially I did not find her attractive. She is extremely slim with a nice pair of large fake boobs. Another noticeable feature is that she has a tiny waist, which makes her bum more prominent. She has a decent body, but from comments made about her body, I was expecting an absolute stunning body, with big fake boobs and a fantastic butt, similar to asian pornstars like Gaia or Mia Lelani, but I guess my expectations were way too high and I was left disappointed.
Guys who like very very slim women with big boobs and not-a-flat arse will like her body.

Stacy is friendly, and almost a throwback to the thai WGs of few years ago where they would help you out of your clothes and shoes. Funny thing was when she helped me out of my jacket, and was surprised to see I didn't have a tubby belly. Her english is not good at all (which she admitted to me), so most of the time i could not understand her or her jokes. I just did the standard responses of smiling and laughing along.

After showering and getting to it, her phone rang, and she asked if she could answer. I said I was ok with it, which I was, but that doesn't really impress.
She sat on the bed to give me OWO while I stood. It was quite good, she makes a lot of slurping sounds and I was able to gently and slowly facefuck her. I lifted her up onto the bed for RO.
She then stripped off her lingerie and a bit of FK, before getting me rubbered up and assuming doggy position on edge of the bed, while I stood. For sex, she is enthusiastic, telling me to fuck her harder and fucking back.
Afterwards got a massage, and she answered her phone again. This time having a long loud conversation while absently rubbing me with one hand. Once done with massaging the back of my body, onto my front for her to massage my cock into standing position and more OWO. She also made to rim me, but I couldn't be bothered so declined.
Asked for a condom and she asked if i wanted to fuck her bum or pussy, I said I dont mind, and she lubed up her asshole and mounted me reverse cowgirl. I just lay there letting her work slowly away before i gently grinded with her, after a few minutes she hopped off in discomfort and saying she couldn't handle anymore, and any longer I would be making her go toilet. Bit of an ego booster in a sadistic way  :lol:
Then it was missionary in few variations including her legs over my shoulders, and finally into doggy. I didn't cum but my enthusiasm for fucking was not there, so I asked her to massage my back again for the rest of the time.

At a minute to go until my time was up, she slapped each bum check to say time was up. Now i'm not a fusspot over 5 minutes here or there, but seeing as how I lost minutes at the start due to doorbell not working, and then the time for the phonecalls, coupled with the fact that I was going to check the time myself within a minute, it annoyed me that she called time.

Reason for a neutral and not negative is that she is friendly and apart from the phonecalls, she did give a good service. Plus it's not her fault that I came with such high expectations of her looks based on comments from other people and I ended up being disappointed.


- Friendly
- Enthusiastic sex
- Decent massage

- Answered phone 2-3 times
- short changed me a bit on time

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