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Author Topic: Police action in Swindon  (Read 1650 times)

Offline dazg

Looks like the police are having a massive crackdown in Swindon

Several addresses have been raided in the last few weeks...

Apparently they are looking at profiles on various sites ....

also using these site to catch punters...

So if your looking for punts in Swindon ....watch out

Offline nigel4498

Looks like the police are having a massive crackdown in Swindon

also using these site to catch punters...

What will they do if they catch them?
It's not illegal, yet.

Looks like they're more interested in the trafficking/slavery aspect if this is an example of who they're targeting.


Offline Roth

I prefer furry soft handcuffs myself!  :D :D

This is definitely a targeted operation and the detective's comments in no way make punting with UK indies a risk in Swindon:

"The intelligence identified that a number of women were advertising themselves as sex workers on various websites. Further research identified a link between the profiles being created and suspects who appeared to be involved in setting up the profiles and in the transportation of the women into the UK. All the people involved hail from Romania."

Maybe now there will be fewer EE profiles from Romanian pimps in Wiltshire.  As the police in the SW work regionally for some crimes, there's a fair chance of the same action in other areas.

Offline Lewis

Ah, so it's not just Thames Valley Police who are raiding brothels then.

Oxford has been recently hit as well.

Being caught by the fuzz takes on a whole new meaning these days.

Offline spkmstr48

Reinforces the advice to avoid Romanian WGs and goes someway to explaining the poor performance experienced by many punters.
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

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