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Author Topic: That Chinese massage place near Anglia Square, Norwich  (Read 19713 times)

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Offline Eeyore

For those concerned about lack of privacy when entering from Magdalen Street there is a side entrance to the shop via an alley.

On some of my few visits I have sometimes been shown this way out so I should imagine if you arranged it you could gain entry that way if pre-planned.

Offline socks

Cheers for the tip, might make the difference one day :thumbsup:

Offline skiman

Hi Socks. I hardly know anybody in Norwich so I can`t say it bothered me walking (with the girl!) into the shop in Magdalen. Besides, no one knows what you`ve gone in there for....i.e - You may be purchasing Chinese products etc. And anyway, The older I get, the more I don`t give a monkeys!  :thumbsup:

Online SaneOnes

Could someone pm me the exact address for the Anglia square/magdalen st shop please? Thanks.

Offline skiman

Could someone pm me the exact address for the Anglia square/magdalen st shop please? Thanks.
No. 32 Magdalen

No. 32 Magdalen

Just had a look on Google Street View.

Looks very seedy. " Chinese Medicine Center " above the door.  Might well need some after that.!!

But on a brighter note, next door is  Magik Clippers, unisex hair dressers. So could kill 2 birds with one stone.


Ive been and this place its nothing special and neither are the girls IMO.
When I first started punting a few years ago, I was into the Massage & HR thing for a while but often left these sort of places feeling that the overall experiance wasn't usually that great and again IMO, a complete waste of time and money.
Also see my earlier comment in this post.

Offline Enons

im reading these posts with interest, ive used both bishops bridge and magdeline street a few times now......I think bishops bridge is slightly better, whilst the girls change almost weekly they seem younger and ive had some great massages too.
no point doing reviews as like I say the girls change location so much.
last visit yesterday, girl had short skirt and as to my delight I found no bra too......had a great fumble whilst she brought me to a happy climax.......as said £25 for massage and £20 for happy ending!......much fun!

Offline skiman

Hi Enons.....do you have to book first? Have you got the phone number please? (PM if you wish). Ta mate.

Offline cazbaz

Could some one PM the contact details too pls?

Offline Enons

i always just turn up........ive been around 5 times now, not yet had to wait......always been quiet.

Offline cazbaz

has anyone tried any of these places lately?

Offline tonypony

Went to St Augustines shop about a month ago paid £70 for topless hr for 1 hour- ok but nothing special - wouldn't go back - managed to get a couple of fingers inside but very strong fishy smell - it was about 3pm and I guess she'd been on it all day - without showering by the smell of it!

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