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Author Topic: That Chinese massage place near Anglia Square, Norwich  (Read 19703 times)

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After being interested in massage with a happy ending for some tune but finding everyone on here keeping hush hush, I did some investigation work and found (hopefully) one of the parlours in Norwich.

Yesterday I TOFTT.

Place: On arrival I felt a bit exposed and there was a lot of traffic but nobody looked twice as I entered the building. Inside was small but tidy and was greeted by a young, fairly attractive Chinese lady and an older on with a headscarf and no teeth. Luckily the older one dashed off and the younger one ushered me into a small side room. On the wall was a large sign that read 'we are a professional massage business please do not ask for sex'. Shit. Anyway, I was there and decided to carry on.

The girl was quite young (compared to me) and even though I am not usually attracted to ladies of the orient found her quite appealing to the eye. She had long hair which was down and nice petite body.

She asked how long for massage and I paid the 25£ for 30 minutes. She returned moments later, asked me to get undressed and lay face down. Here on ensued a lovely relaxing oil massage head to toe with gentle yet expert hands. After a while she motioned for me to roll over and provided a pillow. She then have me a fingertip oil massage on my front. Nature happened of course and I wondered if was about to get evicted when she pointed to my 'old boy' and said '20£ massage?' He of course agreed and she set about my shaft, balls and perineum in a blur of massage, gripping and stroking and a lashing of oil. Exquisite.

I finished off and she wiped me clean with tissues and baby wipes and I left a happy man!

Can't wait to return!

Offline socks

Thanks for the review and I am somewhat tempted again as I've never used a parlour - despite having one or two conversations about them on here. How does it compare to independent massage providers, if you've visited any of the local ones?

Socks, unfortunately I have no comparison, bar the mandatory 'rubbing' for a tenner from a less than interested Eastern european WG. I was wary of bait and switch or just a toothless 70 year old but was pleasantly surprised, and the risk, if you can call it that, of using a parlour was exciting.

I am planning an independent masseuse visit, keep an eye for a review...

Hi All

Just a quick post to say hello, I've been hanging around this website for quite a while now, so thought it was about time to start posting and this seems a fairly tame thread that a new guy can't be accused of either plugging of slating working girls, which often seems to be the case.

Personally, I've never had a good massage and HR or Oral at a massage parlour, over all the years I've been punting. Neither have I ever had a good massage by a working girls, so I've developed a plan and have got is sussed and do this;
1) book a massage with a decent thia massage firm in Norwich or elsewhere.
2) follow this up immediately with a pre-booked favourite working girl.
Result, the best of both worlds, a great massage and great sex !!

Offline arkle3

What decent Thai Massage firm is there in Norwich??? Is there such a thing????

Hi John & others

There are 2 Chinese massage places not far from Anglia Square, not connected that I know of but both offer the same service. (No sex but HR)

Can be hit & miss with the looks of the Girls (may have to close your eyes & think of Beijing) but never had a bad massage from either place.

Stressfree, fore it was something different from the 'norm' but will bear that in mind! Suffolk punter could you give me any more info via pm please?

Offline socks

had a look at the chinese place as I passed a couple of hours ago this afternoon. VERY public and it looked decidedly unwelcoming. Not sure I'll be crossing the threshold!

Not living in the area I'm not bothered by being seen entering as the chances that they would know me would be very slim to none.

Offline Zask86

Where abouts on Magdelene St is this place? Thanks!

Offline socks

It's a hundred yards or so closer to the city than the flyover. If you park in the surface car park accessed from Golden Dog Lane the alleyway from there to Magdalen Street brings you right to it.

It's a hundred yards or so closer to the city than the flyover. If you park in the surface car park accessed from Golden Dog Lane the alleyway from there to Magdalen Street brings you right to it.

This review is for the one on st Augustine's street, can't be missed, Socks would you pm me the name of the one on magdalen near the flyover please? Not been there!

Offline Eeyore

After experience I've found the better and more attractive girls at Anglia Square compared to St Augustine's street. Even had a two girl at AS for the price of one on two occasions.

Never tried the Bishops Bridge shop though although I think it's connected to AS !

Offline Canaryboy

Where in Anglia square did you go?

Offline Eeyore

It's not actually in Anglia Square but on Magdalen St. It's not a private entrance as its on a busy road but the manager has shown me another exit which is on a side street.
Clean and more spacious than the St Augustine's Street shop.

Offline Canaryboy

Do you have contact number mate please?

Offline skiman

Hi folks - new to the UKPunting scene but having punted in massage places in Thailand, I`m very interested in the Chinese place(s) in Norwich. Could anyone tell me what the score is here? Are you naked (apart from a towel) when you get the massage or are you expected to leave underwear on etc? I might try and do a visit within the next couple of weeks at the Bishop Bridge place. Confusion though, as one says No 12 and another report says No 14 Bishop Bridge. Which one is it, please? Thanks for your help guys.

Offline Eeyore

I've never been given a towel at these places and although you can leave your underwear on the girls will be surprised, usually asking you if you want to remove.

They make their money mainly with extra's so they want to get you aroused and towels and underwear get in the way lol !

Never been to the Bishop bridge shop, keep thinking of going but I normally stick to Magdalen St.

Offline Eeyore

I forgot to mention there was (may be still is ?) a Chinese place near Chapelfield shopping centre.

Only went a couple of times as the massage was poor and although friendly the girls were in looks well passed their best.

However if looking for oral and full service at a cheap rate it's the place to go to.

This review is for the one on st Augustine's street, can't be missed, Socks would you pm me the name of the one on magdalen near the flyover please? Not been there!

Can you please give me the address for the one on st Augustine's street...cant find! Cheers!

Offline Camfan

Could some one PM the contact details too?

Offline skiman

Thanks for your replies, peeps.

Offline skiman

Well I`ve not long returned from the premises near Anglia Square and the experience I had was near identical to the original post by JohnBean. The number I rang was related to a Bishop Bridge Road premises but the girl who answered gave me the Magdalen St address. With my knowledge of Norwich being crap, I booked a session with the salon an hour before arrival time (4pm). Just as well, as I couldn`t bloody well find the place! After ringing the girl and pleading with her to come and meet me nearby(which she did) we met up and she smiled nicely as I made my apologies for being a bit late. She didn`t speak too much English and she is sometimes hard to understand but she really is as sweet as a nut - with lots of patience. She isn`t a spring chicken (not THAT old, either) but at the same time I found her quite attractive, with her slim features and a nice, easy-going personality.A good relaxing massage (25 for half an hour), followed by the `please turn over`.......then of course nature taking its course, she smiled and giggled and asked if I wanted hand relief. It was worth every penny of the extra 20 and I will go back sometime - now I know where it is! (Ring first to book an appointment).

Offline socks

nice one mate and you're braver than me. Magdalen St is way too public! Be good if you posted as a separate review.

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