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Author Topic: indian escort samy ~ Leicester  (Read 1584 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1820304 or https://www.adultwork.com/indian+escort+samy

Arranged a same day booking with samy and got texted the postcode.

So there I was: freshly shat, shaved, showered and suited & booted in that pit-stain hole they call Leicester. Spoke to samy upon arrival at the block and she gave me the flat number.... grrreat. Now it goes tits-up! Put the magic numbers into the keypad for her to release the outer doors but got nothing. After fruitless multiple tries I was seriously getting pissed off, especially as I'm standing in the street and being watched by various slack-arsed people loitering nearby - alarm bells were starting to ring. Walked away and rang her again to double confirm the details and try that fecking pad again and again...and again. Still no joy, eventually I got let in by another resident only to find the lift didn't reach the floor she claimed to be on. That was the last straw... I'd had enough, and even if she'd offered a discount or valid explanation it wouldn't of been accepted ... I'm off!

I punt below the radar and thanks to her utter shite communications I'd been fucked about and clocked by half of Leicester. Sent her a brief text when back at the car and got a prissy reply. The bint cost me time and money.... so she gets a negative review because nobody likes a timewaster in this game.


2 review(s) found for indian escort samy linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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