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Author Topic: Ellie_12_Rose ..a big positive!  (Read 2113 times)

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Offline Rye

Hi all,
I've met Ellie three times now - and would highly recommend her. Each of my meetings have been great, but thought I'd share details of my first meeting with her, which set the scene for my next two meetings.
Ellie : http:www.adultwork.com/2438309
Price paid - £130 for 1 hour incall (plus a bit extra for social time/meeting for a drink first).
Accurate profile photos
Services - DFK, face sitting, CIM, tit wank, OWO, reverse oral,
(continue to) Visit again - definitely
No Clockwatching at all.
Summary: Ellie was friendly throughout, she was very keen to please and offered all services without hesitation.
I met Ellie for a brief drink in a local pub near her incall location in central London. She seemed a bit nervous, but only as she'd not had many dinner or drinks dates before. In  my opinion, she is very attractive - beautiful eyes, tactile, engaging, well spoken and can hold a conversation. She was wearing a skirt, top, tights (I had requested stockings but she told me in advance she would get changed once we get to her place, as it was cold, so no issue there).
We soon walked and chatted back to her incall location - a very smart & clean apartment a short walk away from the pub. Paperwork sorted once inside, and I took a shower. Once back in the room, she had changed into stockings (as promised) and heels as well. She looked very sexy. She offered me some red wine, and we started with some initial light kissing, which quickly progressed to DFK. I underdressed her slowly, and sucked on her lovely boobs (She also has some of the best boobs I've ever seen) and gently fingered her, and could feel she was already warm and a  bit moist. I then lay her down and gave her oral (she was very clean, tasted sweet). Next, we switched and she gave a very good owo on me, with lots of eye contact and an occasional lick of my balls. I soon came in her mouth and then she said in a sweet & very hopeful way "how many times will you be able to cum?". Music to my ears. Had a brief break & chat over more red wine, all the while she was stocking my thigh and arm as we talked. Next, I asked for her to sit on my face - she positioned herself above me, and I began to work away with my tongue and fingers as she writhed above me. After a while, she was very wet, and I felt her thighs tighten against the sides of my face as she came on my face and mouth - more sweetness!
She then moved off me and to the to the side, and reached for the wine, which she handed to me. As I took a sip she started to gently work on my cock again, licking my tip, ball, using her hands on my balls, and letting me grow in her mouth - it felt amazing. Once I was ready for action, she slipped on the protection & I asked for cowgirl - she happily obliged. She got on top and eased onto me - nice and slowly at first which felt great. Then she held onto the headboard and started to fuck me - nice and deep. We DFK'd and I sucked and licked her boobs, as they bounced around my face.. She then picked up the pace until eventually I came. She stayed once me, and then teased her pussy muscles while I was still inside her, clamping her lips around my my cock and squeezing the last drops out of me - bliss!
Another break, more wine and chat, then she tried for round three. She wanted me to cum on her face and boobs, so she lay down and asked me to sit on her, so she could give me a tit wank and more oral. She was sucking and licking me for at least 10 mins, but  despite her efforts, I was only semi-hard (this was down to me). So, I got off her, and played with myself as we DFK'd and I played with her amazing boobs again. Soon, I felt myself coming, and this time, took her foot (she has small pretty well-kept feet and toes, which I like) and as I was cumming, put my cock between her toes and came on them - she really  enjoyed this, as I rubbed my cum into her toes, licked them clean and snogged her. 
As mentioned, this was my first meeting with Ellie, and I have seen her twice since. I'd definitely recommend her, she really is a great girl, willing to please and very sexy.

Any questions, let me know.

84 review(s) found for Ellie_12_Rose linked to in above post (84 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for the review. But unfortunately her AW profile isn't linked correctly as you typed. Here is the right format


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84 review(s) found for Ellie_12_Rose linked to in above post (84 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline monstar

Excellent review Rye, thanks.  :hi:

She has been on my HL for a while and has plenty of very positive reviews, but never made it to the top of the list - I think because she has more of a 'sweet' than 'sexy' look for me.

Good review. Ellie is one of the best looking WGs I've seen, really beautiful. I'd say she is too sweet for this line of work but she has this filthy twinkle in her eye during sex which makes me think otherwise.

Offline Sylvester

Another for the list.....

In some of the pics she looks a little like Lily Collins, which is no bad thing frankly.
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Offline Rye

Thanks for correcting the link Lewishamguy.

@monstar i agree that she has a 'sweet' look about her, but as barnstom123 says, she has a filthy twinkle in her eyes which led me to think there is more to her than just being sweet/innocent looking.

thanks for the review,she sounds like a good punt.
2 questions:
how large is she?(another reviewer mentioned bbw)
does she normally display a phone no ?(i can't be arsed with aw booking forms/emails)

Offline endomorph

Photos 1 & 3 in her gallery show her fairly rounded form.
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thanks for the review,she sounds like a good punt.
2 questions:
how large is she?(another reviewer mentioned bbw)
does she normally display a phone no ?(i can't be arsed with aw booking forms/emails)

She's a size 12.

She displays her number when she's available.  Advance booking may be a necessity.

Offline UberX

thanks for a nice review Rye. She looks very sweet girl.  :kiss: I shall check her out soon. :yahoo:
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Offline Rye

No probs Uber  :hi:

Post on here post after your meet - and enjoy!

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