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Author Topic: Client Notes disabled?  (Read 998 times)

An escort who's been keeping an eye on my profile for malicious Client Notes has told me that she's now unable to see "public" notes left by others, only those made by herself.  And this is the reason given:

Regrettably, too many members have failed to get the point of Client Notes and have been telling clients that they were marked as a timewaster or that they had negative comments.  Others have been using Client Notes to be malicious towards clients or for personal vendettas.

Client Notes was developed to help service providers remain safe.  Evidently the long term benefits this system provided have not been realised or valued by the very people it was designed to protect.

Accordingly, public comments and 'experience scores' now reflect only the information you have provided and not that of the membership as a whole, as was previously the case.

It's not clear whether this applies just to her, or to everyone.  But she didn't get this as an AW email, it's in a box on the Client Notes description page.  So either she's seeing a custom version of the page due to some sort of technical wizardry by AW, or it applies to everyone with access to Client Notes.  Perhaps our resident WG's can check this out?  She'd like to know if she's been singled out, but a blanket disabling seems more likely.

Interesting. If the WG wants to find out quickly probably Saafe is her best bet because if it's happened across the board I would imagine they have a thread running.
 For us punters it would be interesting to know, so let us know WG's that are registered on this forum  :thumbsup:

Offline Dani

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I can't check as I am banned from using them but this is very similar to the email they sent me last year when they banned me although mine had a bit a added to say a punter had reported me

I have not seen any mention of it anywhere else and one of my friends is still able to see notes but I guess we will have to wait a few days to see if they roll it across the board for everyone

Offline Little Katie

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I don't have access to these client notes as I've never been verified! I agree.. I looked on my friends account and it was pretty clear that a lot of escorts were abusing this service and adding malicious notes out of petty revenge.. It's a shame if this is the case though as now none of us can be made aware of the few genuinely dangerous people out there.. Brilliant! Nice one girls.. :diablo:
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Offline Trevor12

It would be good to get a definite answer on this.

The old system was too open to misuse, and based on some of the threads here, malicious feedback was not uncommon.

Offline CatBBW

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I've just checked someone in my email box, and I have that same message although I can still see all their notes and ratings ???

Offline Aspen

Brilliant! Nice one girls.. :diablo:

As always, a few ruin it for everyone else.

I've only encountered one girl who was really malicious and nasty. But I've no doubt there are a few around that will misuse facilities like this and make them useless.

I think they could have put in a clients notes. i.e. a place where clients could report the nasty and deceitful providers. But of course that wouldn't fit in with the AW business model of making as much money as possible.
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