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Author Topic: sweet melody in denholme  (Read 735 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2609539 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet%2DMelody

Before my shelliec bradford adventure, work had taken me over yorkshire way and given me a window of opportunity. I searched and saved this lass in my hotlist.

Comms... email to get phone number, called to ask about a short notice 1 hour punt during my window. Told ok, postcode and instructions given. Nice lass to talk to on the phone, she is down to earth and friendly enough.

Venue... house in denholme, discreet enough, clean and tidy. Parking was plentiful and easy enough to keep motor out of eye shot. Area looked ok but I'm not from around there but seemed safe enough.

Looks.... it's her in the pictures alright. Her age is more or less accurate. She is quite an attractive lass, with a really tidy figure, small ish natural tits, an attractive face and jet black long hair. She looks Mediterranean in origin (not Asian or Indian). Proper yorkshire accent though. Good looking lass.

The action... I was in the thinking of one pop, foreplay and playing and ending in sex ofcourse. She does snog but not deep, more locking lips than raunchy dfk (it's at discretion in her list). I'm ok with that. She had no problems with fingers inside. She had no objection to me going down on her and seemed to get quite into it. I suggested some sucking me, she then put a bag on (I didn't complain, it's her prerogative as its descretional on her like list), she did suck very well even with the bag on but she were never going to get me popping like that. 69 was requested and delivered with gusto, I buried my face in her clean shaven pussy and stayed there until I felt it was time for some podging, she busied herself sucking and slurping.

She started cg (good effort), mish, doggy, mish, back to doggy for popping (it's my favourite) she did seem to really enjoy getting fucked doggy. With plenty of puffing and panting from both of us I filled my bag.

I'd done 45 minutes of full on fun, I laid down to cool down, catch my breath and chill. She's a friendly enough lass and quite good to have a natter with.

Cleaned up, dressed, hug and a kiss, I were on my way on the hour quite satisfied

To sum up... she's a tidy lass that's a good fuck and friendly. She may or may not suck your cock bare and her kisses are adequate rather than mind blowing but it wouldn't be doing her justice to let that put you off.

Would I recommend... Yes, variety is what punting is all about to me, she'll give you a good seeing to for right money.

Would I return... possibly if I'm in the area but the lack of owo and dfk probably means I wouldn't go out of my way to return

2 review(s) found for Sweet-Melody linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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