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Author Topic: Naughty but nice is dangerous [Malicious false review]  (Read 6573 times)

Offline Firebird

Just had a swatch at his profile, what a strange fucking character lol

Offline HawkG

It takes me that amount of time to undress and set the scene.

Top tip: Don't wear a full suit of armour to a punt.

At least if he resurfaces he won't be too hard to spot with his highly polished and formidably structured English.

Offline bensonhedges20

No offence to NBN but....

Why would you even waste your time replying to a punter who only had a 15 min punt?. Hes not in the regular category and when he started with a tenner offer you knew where it was going to lead.

By replying you were fuelling his fucked up ego.

You have been around a long time to understand the occupation and scene.

Get a better phone with a block feature and use it Rather than replying back.

While it wasnt entirely your fault that he was a fuckwit you should have ignored the constant harassment rather than reply.
Banning reason: Troll

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