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Author Topic: Popularity of certain services  (Read 2517 times)

Offline Zeusthedoc

Okay mate I will. I will do some retrospective reports in the South West section.

My concerns really came around the fact I enjoy StrapOn play

Only a concern if you do it and don't enjoy it.
We're all adults here, if someone doesn't enjoy your review, they can Fuck off.

Offline Topgun

I don't get how some men enjoy financial domination of showering women with gifts so to speak, for no or little return physical pleasure.
The amount of money some of these guys spend on women, I could fuck a load of very fit high class women escorts.

I suppose it's a bit like in our younger days, or men who find it easy to get laid with attractive women - why spend money on whores when you can get laid at the local pub so to speak... if only it was that easy for most of us or else escorts would be unheard of.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline slavealan75

Financial Domination appears to be young girls trying to make easy money (easier than escorting :) ) I'm not a fan of it and personally won't do it.

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