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Author Topic: Growing old or just growing up?  (Read 850 times)

Offline NIK

Owing to work I'm currently spending more time in Sheffield than at any time since I was at university there twenty odd years again. Was there yesterday and will be there again: this afternoon, tomorrow afternoon, Sunday and Tuesday, and possibly other times I don't yet know about. The big difference is that back then I would use the opportunity to punt regularly.
Now I barely give it a thought, and when I do I simply can't be arsed.
Don't know whether this means I've grown old or grown up!  :D

Offline tristen92

Neither, in my opinion. I think it works in phases; for instance, I have only punted once in the past month, whereas last month was three times that. Nothing to do with budget, busyness, just the fact that this month I cannot be arsed. I think a lot of factors come into it.
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Online Third Man

I think you probably have in your mind that it will possibly be a crap punt. I am trying to be more selective from now- last year I spent just over a grand on mediocre or shit punts. Ok I spent more on excellent  punts but that was with a regular and a couple of others. So ninety odd percent of girls were a waste of money. You probably dont want to risk having that feeling afterwards.

Offline spkmstr48

I find the longer I abstain, the more apathetic I get, the more I punt, the more punts I want.

Could be that?
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Online jackdaw

If thought occurred to me to punt in Sheffield nowadays, I'd have a serious talk to myself.

Offline anyfucker

the thought occurs to me that if i was doing business trips then i would look for the opportunity to have a punt.

Offline sticko

I find the longer I abstain, the more apathetic I get, the more I punt, the more punts I want.


I'm right in the middle of a high frequency punting period now, and am loving every minute of it.  The challenge will be when I inevitably have less time and / or money to burn...



Same here. I go through phases where I'm crazy for it, then I get bored and do something else for a while.  It's called having other things in your life :)

Offline johnnyboy61

I think it must be like a drug hit. You have a punt, it was really good and you convince yourself that you won't need another for x number of days or weeks, but the high wears off and you find yourself wanting to regain that feeling. If your not careful there can be spells when you're tempted to punt far too often and go way over budget. I guess it's called an addiction.
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