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Author Topic: Suprise punt  (Read 1150 times)

Offline b911

On he back of a poor punt with a girl that I was looking forward to, I got thinking of the times that I've had a punt which has surprised me. Reflecting on my punting history I realised that I go for two types of punt.

The safe punt: I'll wait it out for some reputable fb or reviews of a girl who has caught my fancy. Happy to wait months for some feedback before I take the plunge. Usually tends to be somebody on the fringes of my fancies, although occasionally you do get some gorgeous girls as well. Examples include belinda from notorious, kara, Lucy and Charlie from notorious/a1.

Occ you'll get he well reviewed girl where it just didn't click. Or the dreaded bait and switch.

The danger punt: since I get regular good sex in my civvie life, what I really like is variety. So I'm always on the lookout for young gorgeous stacked girls, call it your fantasy club pull. Often these girls will be fleeting or lacking reviews but I often find myself taking the risk in order to unearth an undiscovered gem. Most times this bites me in the ass, but in a few noteable occasions has worked out spectacularly.

One time was with a girl called kelly from the now defunct ene agency. Short  brunette with fabulous tits. Made an apt to see her and when she opened the door it was the most pleasant surprise in my punting career. Gorgeous cute face, big smile and looking hot in a smart skirt and shirt combo. Great chat, really bubbly and enthusiastic and just didn't know the word no. Great owo, loved cim and had fantastic sex. My greatest regret is not asking her for her number and making a proper arrangement. Unfortunately she just disappeared one day never to be seen again.

The other time was a mega risky punt. I can't even remember how I found this girl, possibly on vistastreet or in the online sun ads section for escorts. Pic looked promising. Knew she was likely to be ee and prob a bait and switch but I just needed to get me end away. Rang the girl, got an address to some Gateshead flats. The girl herself was not my usually type but wife attractive. Tall slim shoulder length blonde curly hair, had the look of mal from inception. What followed was a major surprise. Kissing and owo was ok. But when I went down on her I must have done something really right. I'm pretty sure she came and then after that rode me cowgirl like a demon and then went for round two in mish. She was bucking like an oily fish and when we finished she was flushed scarlet from the waist up. She seemed quite abashed by her own performance. We got chatting and she told me it was her first time in Newcastle. Again I didn't take her number, and I haven't seen her since but it gives me hope that every once in a while il come across a little know about sweet little honey and we can get a good rapport going.

What about you guys, any pleasant surprises in your recent punting years?

Offline eeeasy

Amour several years ago - I had a booking Wallsend 11.00am  and another in different part of Wallsend 12.00 with Diamonds, Arrived early text here now - problem girl not turned in -  told stay there another girl in area will be there soon. 10 mins later a car pulled up followed girl to house would have been my second choice anyway told her I have another apt 12.00 so straight in to action one of the best ever for chubby bb with A gave big tip told her see you again soon just got to next apt on time - girl left Amour before I could rebook  :( :( :(
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Offline lycius

Loving the two appointments eeasy. Don't do as many now as I did but love the decadence of it. One of my best was with Darla & then Sky of Diamonds a while back I didn't realise they were both in a flat under the Tyne Bridge and Diamonds didn't say when I booked. They even let me stay in the same room and get my breath back while they swapped over. Happy days, great girls both.

Offline eeeasy

I rember Darla She was one of my first Diamonds girls whils looking for a regular replacement for a former NG  :P :P :P Brilliant apt Newcastle Quayside (same place for Gabrella, Emma, Hannah Courtney & others - I seem to have had my own parking spot I was anoyed when someone else used it!) top girl stunning and willing for everything on first apt and so pleasent - I thought fixed up long term here but  :( :( :(  she soon left - never mind - top lady hope shes happy . Never got to see Sky  :( :( :(
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